Fashion History: 1920s

Douglas_Fairbanks_and_Mary_Pickford_02The decade of the roaring 20s could be titled as one of the most outrageous and dazzling times for culture and fashion. The fashion of the 20s introduced a look that had never been seen before; both men and women embarked upon a style embedded in color, pizzazz and glamour.

Dresses for women shortened drastically, hanging at the knee rather than the ankle, the shortest clothing had so far been. Due to never-before-seen fabrics, designers were excited to play around with textures, patterns and overall differential style. This was the time of the flapper girl, which entailed a more risqué demeanor. Jackets were trimmed with fur, while dresses were either beaded or feathered. Many dresses and tops were sleeveless or styled with thin straps. 4626274_f260Jewelry became a prominent accessory. Necklaces were usually long-strung pearls, often wrapped multiple times and looped around the neck. You seldom saw women leave the house without a hat. These hats were fitted around hairstyles that were cut at the ear. The 20s were a time for dancing and parties, therefore dresses were short in order for women to dance and move how they pleased. Shoes were flat or had a small heel, resembling pointed ballet slippers.

images-2This decade came with a range of scenes for men to fall into, white collar, mobster or newspaper boy. White collar and gangster were fairly similar, both entailing suits, jackets and brimmed hats. Your average “gangster” that you see in the movies was very much prevalent in the 20s; men wore pin-striped suits and heavy trench coats. Men who were either lower class or a bit younger often wore vests on top of a collard shirt as well as a “newspaper boy hat”.

1920s collage

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Dior Foundation

images-2Women always say they won’t leave the house without mascara, or maybe without lip color; but let’s be honest with ourselves, no one is leaving the house without at least a few dabs of foundation. Finding the perfect fit when it comes to foundation is tough. Certain cover-ups can either mask your face and be too heavy, or establish the exact opposite and leave you feeling naked. If you do fall into the category for finding yourself in need, we’d like to steer you in the direction of Dior.

Dior is known for its high-end services, primarily exalted for its fabulous clothing, but what choisir-teinte-gm2pu6559507587826284504some may forget are the components of its just-as-sharp makeup line. Dior’s foundation provides top-notch product that is designed for all types of skin.

The concealer line itself features 11 different products to choose from including natural glow crèmes, liquid foundation, radiant powder compact (with SPF), triple correcting serum and a spray foundation.

dior Some of its most popular products are its liquid foundation and fairly recent spray foundation. A good tip with these concealers is to use small amounts to then spread out evenly, creating a sheer and elegant look. Apply these concealers with a small to medium brush. Dior also has concealers meant to illuminate the face (skinflash concealer) to dab around the outer eye and outsides of the nose. To establish less of a glossy look, the line also has a light powder.

Although some of Dior foundation is priced higher than those at the drug store, having a flawless, full-coverage product is always worth it!

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Fashion History: 1910s

images-16Fashion in the 1910s marked the startup of an era devised more around simplicity rather than excess. Life was industrializing, therefore so was the fashion.

As the 1900s emerged, women were no longer hosting works of art in their hair or needing a maid to maneuver them into an extravagant gown. The style was softer, however shape and silhouette grew more apparent. Dresses hung to show off the figure of a woman rather than distort it. Women were clothed in long dresses, many were designed with embroidery, lace or silk. Styles such as the lampshade skirt and the hobble skirt were seen in this decade. A _medium_vintagefashionguild_10899common style for every-day was a grey silk suit, similar to a modern day fitted suit except worn with a long and draped skirt and often a brimmed hat. Dresses and skirts now hung at the ankle; women were involved in more outdoor activities, a shorter hemline was necessary for this. Bodices were worn at a high-waist, while sleeves were still draped.

For men the outfit was a suit, no if’s or but’s about it. Men looked sharp. Trousers fit well and were buckled at the waist. On top would be a white-collard shirt; if not white, a shirt that had neat pin stripes. Necks were short; collars were worn with a tie hung properly. Jackets were black, brown or grey and would usually match whichever brimmed hat they wore that day. Some men paraded around a cane, usually to show off their level of class.


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The History of Mascara

woman-applying-mascara-horizWhen we run out of mascara, it’s only a hop, skip and a drive to the store keeping us from once again lengthening and darkening our lashes with a fresh tube and wand. While mascara is considered a miracle-worker by some of us, have we ever considered where this magical black applicant originated? What holy outlet do we have to thank? The truth is, the emergence of mascara dates back thousands of years ago while having evolved amongst many different groups; from Egyptians to Romans.

Dating back as far as 4000 B.C., mascara was derived from native plants and animals, as3527926_f260 the Egyptian women would use these natural resources to create a black pigment. The trend of emphasizing women’s eyes branched out to the ancient Greeks and Romans and later into the Renaissance era.

brushesMascara was first seen in the form of powder, being pressed just as our foundation and blush cosmetics. Women would then apply the powder by dampening a small and thin brush and stroking it cautiously onto their lashes; the moisture of the powder would allow the substance to stick. It was made through a concoction of soap chips and pigment that were mixed until a powder was then contrived. Later these same ingredients, plus a natural wax for consistency, would introduce creamy mascara that was bottled like lotion in small tubes.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that the use of a wand would be popularized and mascara would become and remain liquid. Over the years markets have introduced waterproof, lengthening and volume-enhancing formulas.

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Spring Wear 2014

Spring is just around the corner and it’s never a good idea to stay behind on the season’s latest fashion trends. But even if you’re running a little behind, snagging some items from last year’s wardrobe looks like it can be an option as extensive color and print seems to still be in.


While fashion week  for Spring trends happened in early October 2013, displays of fashion for the new year drove runways with styling trends ranging from fringe, chiffon, to statement tees. Colors appear to be not as vibrant as we’ve previously seen, this season styles will consist of a lot of earth tones, metallic and light/dark shades. Designers such as Giorgio Armarni and Zac Posen presented looks featuring lilac, a pale yet powdery shade that most skin tones can pull off.


Pants are becoming a statement piece of the outfit. Bottoms are going to continue with a high-waist and will only grow fuller and fancier with chic designs. Another trend that is here to stay for spring is printed tees, shirts sporting words in big blocky letters. Designers seem to love the idea of making a statement entirely across the shirt or dress. And it’s definitely not the time to neglect the gym, keeping a toned-tummy will be needed as crop tops are not leaving stores any time soon. Heels will keep the peep-toe, and using them as your outfit’s splash of color isn’t a bad idea.

Check out these styles at , or snatch a latest magazine to keep up to date with the latest trends!


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Creating the Name: Elluminize

BrandsThere are millions of brands in our incredible world today, and while it’s so easy to read and remember these names, it’s easier to forget about the countless days, months or even years that are put into the making of that simple name. The name of your brand is everything, and it is the biggest hope of a business owner for that name to be remembered and recognized.

Here’s how Elluminize was created:

Elluminize was derived from the Latin word Luminis, meaning to shine light or brighten. Owner images-1Ize Calina first realized she wanted to choose from a Latin word as Latin is the root to all languages and her business is meant for woman of all types. She knew this word was perfect due to her work brightening up the eyes of her clients. Within her years in the beauty industry she had seen tons of work that had darkened the eyes through being masked by too heavy of extensions. “I felt it needed to be the opposite of that. Eyes are the windows to our soul and need to be brightened,” Calina says.

Once the Latin word was decided, Calina dropped the “S” and added her first name, Ize. Finally, for logo and print purposes, the “I” was then changed to an “E”, and at last, Elluminize was born.


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Eyelash Extension Artist Apprentice Position (Westlake Hills/ Austin)


For the first time ever, Elluminize, Austin’s finest in eyelash extensions, is hiring. We are excited to bring onto our team a high-performing esthetician/cosmetologist that is enthusiastic about high-end aesthetics and committed to top-notch customer service. The perfect candidate thrives in a positive environment, enjoys building and maintaining client relations and is exceptionally motivated.

Elluminize Mink Lash Extensions are one of the finest options in high-end aesthetics today. We are pleased with our esteemed services and grateful for the received recognition; Elluminize has won numerous awards, was selected to attened the 2013 American Music Awards and is looking forward to patenting our own technique. Every woman who undergoes our lash services has her own experience as each lash is customized around you.

Valid Esthetics/Cosmetology License/Eyelash Extensions
Willingness to learn and follow specific treatment protocols. Polished in Appearance
Hands-on experience of working with clients in a professional spa or salon setting (recent grads OK)
Flexible schedule — ability to work weekdays/weekends, morning/evenings.

Submit a resume and images of your most current work to .
Willing to submit to a background check.
We are a drug-free-environment. Must be willing to submit to random drug test.
We are a non-smoking facility. No smoking is allowed on premises or during working hours.

Upbeat, positive “can-do” attitude
DETAIL ORIENTED and have an artistic eye.
Efficient time management
Ability to operate efficiently in a high-end salon environment
Maintain high level of service precision and customer care
Articulate and comfortable toward educating clients
Dependable, responsible and always on time
Courteous and professional in manner and appearance
Must be enthusiastic, motivated and a team player!
Displays good organizational skills
Excels in a fun and energetic work atmosphere
Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality is required

Elluminize’s customers are the key to our success. We offer a great work environment with highly competitive compensation.

You will have hands on training to achieve the utmost eyelash extensions application and costumer service. If you think you have what it takes to join our professional team, please submit your resume, the reason why you feel you will be the perfect fit, with images of your work (if any). In our appreciation and commitment to all applicants, each resume will be given thoughtful consideration by the owner. Thank you in advance for your submission.

We look forward to meeting you!

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