Makeup Tip: Hiding Dark Circles

ImageNo matter how much makeup we are ready to apply to our face, if we’re tired and have dark circles there’s no achieving our best look; here’s a quick tip on how to hide dark circles.

The first crucial step is applying a moisturizer; picking one that has an SPF is always a good idea to help prevent sun damage. Moisturizer will help concealer work smoothly on the face. When choosing which concealer to use, be sure to pick one that matches your skin tone, it’s important not to pick on that’s lighter or darker. A concealer that is creamy is the best option; you don’t want anything with chalky-texture going onto your skin. A lot of women believe that choosing a concealer with a lighter tone is correct, but you don’t want to go out looking like you have an awful tan line. We must remember the key to wearing makeup is looking as if you’re not wearing any.

When using the concealer, be sure to only apply where it is only needed- less is more! Apply in small stripes (maybe three or four) with a brush that is specifically made for concealer, a little an defined brush works well. When blending, use your ring finger to lightly tap the skin. Your under-eye skin is the most delicate on your face and is most prone to damage. Once you are done blending you can then apply foundation or powder as you do regularly and wha-la! Dark circles, gone!

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Eyeliner: What’s best for your eye shape?

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, therefore when it comes to applying tools such as eyeliner to accentuate them, we can’t afford any amateur behavior. Choosing and using the right eyeliner is easier said than done. Just like our figures, eyes come in all different shapes and sizes and we must work around what we have. There are multiple forms of eyeliners as well as styles in wearing them. But before we pick which eyeliner is the best fit, it’s crucial to determine the shape of our eyes.

There are multiple types of eye shapes; a few most-common categories include almond, asian/monolid, hooded and protruding.

Professional makeup-artist Jeffrey Paul, who has worked on stars such a Zooey Deschanel, shone light on utilizing our features properly in a post on beauty-platform, Beautylish. Here are some of the guru’s tips:

orig-3Almond: No need for explaining the origin of this name. When it comes to eyeliner, pencil or a dark shadow works best. A thin to medium line on the top lid while drawing in the bottom outer lid creates a flawless effect.

orig-2Asian/Monolid: These eyes are small, have a flatter lid with not much of a crease. Because of the lack in crease, using liquid liner to draw a thin line establishes a look with less of a dramatic impact.

orig-1Hooded: Imagine a hood over your lid- there is a droop in the skin that causes the overall eye to appear smaller. “To draw the focus upward, diffuse darker shadow over and out past the crease,” Jeffrey tells Beautylish.

origProtruded: Here, lids are projected and therefore make your eyes look even bigger. Anyone who loves playing around with thickness in eyeliner is lucky due to the extra room your lids provide! Pencil or liquid for a thick line is your best choice.

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Fashion History: 1940s

victoria-stationWith WWII in full force, every detail of the 1940s had great impact by the war, even including the fashion. Militaristic styles for both men and women were surfaced into nationwide trends. Not only did the war influence Americans on popular styling, but also told them what fabrics were accessible as clothing options. Common resources such as wool were limited and as the war progressed many fabrics were being provided for military purposes. Use of color for both men and women emulated the shadows of war; black, navy, greys and other dark tones were worn.

While women were advised via magazine to utilize the contents in their closet, room for advancementimages-1 in fashion was limited; however, styles continued to alter throughout the years. Dresses did not elongate to the ankles anymore; outfits cut off at the knee or a few inches below the knee. Dresses were fitted above the waist, and below, the rest either flowed or was tight. Broad shoulders for women became popular, dresses and jackets usually hosted shoulder-pads to add to a militaristic look. Difference in hairstyle was a big trend produced from the 40s. Many women began wearing their hair down, falling in curls at the shoulders and bangs curled and pinned on top.

In terms of men’s fashion, it’s really all about the reconstruction of the suit over the decades. For these wartime years, the suit jacket was oversized with wide shoulders. The pants were looser than times before and held a lower crotch. White collared shirts, ties and pocket-squares dominated closets. Knitted sweater vests remained in fashion as well as fitted hats.

40s collage

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Fashion History: 1930s

1930s-fashion-women-167In comparison to the previous decade of a roaring lifestyle, the fashion of the 1930s for both men and women entailed less of a flashy bang and more of a conservative yet sophisticated appearance. Starting off with immediate effect of the stock market’s crash, it would only make sense for all components of the decade to tone down its flamboyancy. Another influence on the 30s was the rise of Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy; this of course took place towards the end of the decade.

For women, the clothing embodied maturity as well as reintroduced length and form. The hemline1930_coat_braids on dresses fell to the ankles or shortly above as seen in previous years, while the waistline once again became natural and fitting. Most dresses had long fitted sleeves with either a medium-deep v-cut or high crew cut. Fur became highly popular, often seen on shawls or the cusps of jackets usually for eveningwear. Hair was pinned up and styled accordingly with whichever hat would be that day’s accessory. Women wore hats often; these hats were small and tilted to the side or low covering their brow.

imagesFashion for men in the 30s didn’t bring an immense alteration from years in the past. Sporting a fine suit and looking their best remained the top style for men; black, grey or brown suits were worn with a tie attached to a pressed, collared shirt. Men rarely left the house without their suit jacket. A new look for the jacket included a pocket square that would usually match the color of the shirt- mostly white. If men weren’t wearing the typical suit and tie, you could find them in a sweater vest that became a new trend that brought versatility to fashion. Haircuts were kept short and often hidden underneath a brimmed-hat or buret.


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Summer Wear 2014

The sweltering Texas heat can be atrocious come summer time, so fortunately the 2014 season’s trends of light and loose clothing will help us look and stay cool.  Still in style are crop tops, flowing skirts and short shorts- this season they’ll be seen in pretty pastels and bold prints.

summer 2014Transitioning from Spring’s wardrobe, loud printed clothing hit the runways and will be swarming stores all over. Printed leggings, skirts and geometric shapes are very in style for the season, as well as menswear-inspired shirts and pants. Menswear inspired clothing will incorporated bulky pants (nice to keep us cool in the heat), loose tees with some broad shoulders and lots of collars and cuffs. Designers such as Alexander Wang, Costello Tagliapietra and Altuzarra rocked runways with crisp attire that had women looking fierce and chic.

A popular trend we’ll see this summer is wide-leg trousers; fortunately the loose bottoms will give us plenty wide-legged-pants-nyfw-spring-2014-trend-04-w724of breeze while staying active this season. Trousers are paired perfectly with wedges or peep-toe heels, along with a crop top for those that are high-waist. For a more evening wear look, throw a light sweater or kimono over your cropped top with a dash of jewelry and be all dolled up for a night on the town!

boxy-jacket-nyfw-spring-2014-trend-02-w724If you’re not into the trouser look, skirts will still be in style, and in all different lengths and sizes. Pair fitting or cropped top with a skirt that is short, full length, or this season’s style- mid calf. A mid calf skirt brings the perfect dosage of casual and sophisticated.

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Fashion History: 1920s

Douglas_Fairbanks_and_Mary_Pickford_02The decade of the roaring 20s could be titled as one of the most outrageous and dazzling times for culture and fashion. The fashion of the 20s introduced a look that had never been seen before; both men and women embarked upon a style embedded in color, pizzazz and glamour.

Dresses for women shortened drastically, hanging at the knee rather than the ankle, the shortest clothing had so far been. Due to never-before-seen fabrics, designers were excited to play around with textures, patterns and overall differential style. This was the time of the flapper girl, which entailed a more risqué demeanor. Jackets were trimmed with fur, while dresses were either beaded or feathered. Many dresses and tops were sleeveless or styled with thin straps. 4626274_f260Jewelry became a prominent accessory. Necklaces were usually long-strung pearls, often wrapped multiple times and looped around the neck. You seldom saw women leave the house without a hat. These hats were fitted around hairstyles that were cut at the ear. The 20s were a time for dancing and parties, therefore dresses were short in order for women to dance and move how they pleased. Shoes were flat or had a small heel, resembling pointed ballet slippers.

images-2This decade came with a range of scenes for men to fall into, white collar, mobster or newspaper boy. White collar and gangster were fairly similar, both entailing suits, jackets and brimmed hats. Your average “gangster” that you see in the movies was very much prevalent in the 20s; men wore pin-striped suits and heavy trench coats. Men who were either lower class or a bit younger often wore vests on top of a collard shirt as well as a “newspaper boy hat”.

1920s collage

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Dior Foundation

images-2Women always say they won’t leave the house without mascara, or maybe without lip color; but let’s be honest with ourselves, no one is leaving the house without at least a few dabs of foundation. Finding the perfect fit when it comes to foundation is tough. Certain cover-ups can either mask your face and be too heavy, or establish the exact opposite and leave you feeling naked. If you do fall into the category for finding yourself in need, we’d like to steer you in the direction of Dior.

Dior is known for its high-end services, primarily exalted for its fabulous clothing, but what choisir-teinte-gm2pu6559507587826284504some may forget are the components of its just-as-sharp makeup line. Dior’s foundation provides top-notch product that is designed for all types of skin.

The concealer line itself features 11 different products to choose from including natural glow crèmes, liquid foundation, radiant powder compact (with SPF), triple correcting serum and a spray foundation.

dior Some of its most popular products are its liquid foundation and fairly recent spray foundation. A good tip with these concealers is to use small amounts to then spread out evenly, creating a sheer and elegant look. Apply these concealers with a small to medium brush. Dior also has concealers meant to illuminate the face (skinflash concealer) to dab around the outer eye and outsides of the nose. To establish less of a glossy look, the line also has a light powder.

Although some of Dior foundation is priced higher than those at the drug store, having a flawless, full-coverage product is always worth it!

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