Fashion History: 1980s

AcidwashgirlThe fashion of the 1980s integrated a never-before-seen look that incorporated some of the utmost eccentric styles yet amongst generations. The 80s were heavy; heavy makeup, heavy hair and heavy metal. Both women and men sported an abundance of eyeliner, leather and tight pants that emulated one of the decade’s profound ideals of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.”  The 80s introduced outlets, like underground club scenes, icons Madonna and Michael Jackson, which would greatly influence this legendary fashion.

Clothing for women styled voluptuous shoulder pads, often with jewels or fringe to add 1899-51512to the artistry. Many tops were often bunched at the top while bottoms were skin-tight. Hairspray became a pivotal household item; hair was ratted high for women (and some men), bangs were wispy and sprayed vigorously to perfection. Few styles from the 70s carried on such as leotards and mini skirts, however were slightly altered. Leotards were worn as part of the “workout” craze, often on top of leggings; the aerobic-enthused movement sported sweatbands, high ponies and neon colors. Leggings were not only worn for working out, but also seen underneath mini skirts with heavy legwarmers above tennis shoes.

madonna2Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” swept the nation as every teenage girl and young woman was now mirroring her glam look. Women were wearing fingerless and lace gloves, fishnet stockings and infinite multiples of beaded jewelry. Madonna also infused the trend of lingerie as outerwear, a multitude of lace bras and bra straps were always styled.

The base for men’s fashion was very similar to that of women’s, leather, dark colors and big shoulders pads. Men that weren’t so in to the rock n’ roll scene has medium-length hair and mustaches. Michael Jackson was a huge influence for men, wearing a  lot of reds and blacks as well as the statement-piece, his single glove.

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Fashion History: 1960s

1960sInfused with geometric patterns and bold colors, the fashion of the 60s introduced never-before-seen styles and trends that were being imported from abroad. Influences on trends were still stemming from cultural movements; however, society was now mirroring the looks of fashion icons and magazine pages. Icons such as British fashion designer Mary Quant introducing the mini-skirt, Jackie Kennedy with her pillbox hat and The Beatles shagging their long hair into America, all took the nation by storm.

The start of the decade for women’s fashion was highly influenced by Jackie Kennedy. jackie-kennedy-onassis1The First Lady represented class and femininity, and females doted upon her elegance and demeanor. Alongside the pillbox hat, she trended pastel suits with short jackets that hosted large buttons. For casual wear, the style was capri pants and waist hugging shirts.

For women in the mid 1960s, closets were populated with must-have mini skirts, dresses and go-go boots. The trend was called Mod and it 1960swas flooding fashion magazines, swimming in from a young “modern” group in London. The Mod epidemic emulated the outbreak of pop culture; false eyelashes, pale lip color and big, big hair. Many dresses were velvet with collars and thick cuffs. If not velvet, the outfit was blinding with color and geometric shapes and patterns. Necks were cut high and so were pants. Pants were fitted tight and designed with colorful, cheery prints. Shoes were rarely found without a heel, stilettos grew extremely popular. Oversized sunglasses were worn all the time and usually held a round or oval shape.

Men were greatly influenced by British rock bands such as The Beatles. Hairstyles were long and shagged, while suits and dress shirts sported color and various prints. If not wearing a tie, some men styled neck scarves that would often match their suit or stand as the color boost against a monotone dress shirt.


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Fashion History: 1970s

While time transitioned into a new decade, the fashion of the 60s followed as well. The once Mod look transitioned into a more hippie look, where jeans, mini skirts and shirts became frilled. As the decade would close, a huge pop-culture influence would sweep the nation and introduce an unstoppable trend.

The early 70s for both women and men maintained a vast majority of late 60s styles, 70syet slightly tweaked them. For the first time ever, the 70s welcomed a style that could be perceived as unisex; for both genders it was fashionable to wear fitted blazers with a subtle flare at the hip. Pants had the same idea, tight in the thighs and flaring slightly at the ankle. These pant suits were versatile, coming in suede, velvet and leather, as well as several different prints and colors.

1970sFor women, these pantsuits, as well as other tops, had a deep and somewhat revealing neckline. Outfits were tight and displayed shape and skin quite easily. Other trends for women’s wardrobe included sequins, halter-tops, short and tight shorts, leotards, tube tops and wrap skirts. Fur was also reintroduced, alongside turbans and antique styles.

While much of the 60s style is attributed to British influences, high doses of the 70s can 1970sbase their fashion on one movie, “Saturday Night Fever.” With flared pants and leather already merging into the scene, the disco-frenzied hit would only escalate these trends. As the movie’s star John Travolta became the newest fashion icon, flared pants for men grew as well as large voluptuous afros.  Men rarely left the house without their brown or black aviator glasses, along with their suede or leather shoes.

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Fashion History: 1900s

With a new century commencing, the culture of the 1900s embarked on time of change within politics, fashion and overall difference in outlooks on life. As the country grew to industrialize itself, so did fashion for both men and women.

Unknown-1While the 1700s and 1800s saw over-extravagance in its fashions, 1900s brought more modernity and simplicity. Rather than dresses that manipulated the figure of a woman, dresses were now much more form fitting. Sleeves displayed the actual shape of arms, whether it the sleeve on a dress, jacket or blouse (however a few dresses still sported puffy shoulders but this look soon faded). Collars sat high on the neck. Women were fully covered; high necks and flowing skirts/dresses fell at the ankle, stylish gloves also prevented hands from being revealed. While the style was less dramatic, class and sophistication was established. Large, floppy hats were a popular trend for this decade. Hair was worn up and hidden underneath a hat that would match the outfit. Shoes became more comfortable and durable as woman were out-and-about more than before.

UnknownSuits that were worn by men changed in its style; rather than tight pants and bulkier jackets, pants became slightly looser while jackets more form fitting. As the decade grew closer to the 1910s, size in hats decreased for men; the trend of top hats grew extinct and a smaller style was sported. Men began to wear white collared shirts underneath their suits as well a tie for a splash of color in their wardrobe.

1900s collage

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Makeup Brushes: What and When to Use

Applying makeup is hard enough as is, add on the decision of which makeup brush to choose only equates utter frustration. There are so many different makeup brushes out there, so which one should we use and when? It’s completely normal to feel confused and quite intimidated when it comes to makeup; between eyebrows, blush, bronzer and more, there are way too many options. Here are some guidelines on what exactly you should be using and when.

fan brush A very common brush we see is a fan brush. This should be used for applying bronzer/blush or clean up any leftover powder. The arch in the brush helps highlight your cheekbones and create clean sweeps.

The most thin brush you will see is the brow brush. This is for when you arebrow brush  filling in your eyebrows and when applying with a powdery or creamy brown. The small tip of the brush will help you establish the perfect arch or whichever angle you prefer.

foundation+brushThe biggest brush to be used- the powder brush. This brush should be fairly round and very full. You’ll usually find this brush to be of medium-size, so that you have the perfect grip when applying all of your powder foundation. The high amount of bristles will help your foundation go on smooth and easy.

The small and slightly angled brush is the lid brush. This brush is meant for Eyelid Color Brush Precision 2-500x500applying and blending eye shadow across the eyelids and creates a clean look.

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Austin-based aesthetics boutique selected to partner with A Gift Giving honoring 66th Annual Emmy Primetime


August 11, 2014

Austin, Texas — Austin-based Elluminize – an eyelash extension, nail and makeup boutique – has been selected to partner with the 66th Annual Emmy Primetime Awards and Celebrity Gift-Giving event honoring the Emmy Awards show. The Emmy Awards ceremony will be held at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 25, 2014 and will be preceded by the Celebrity Gift-Giving ceremony at the Club Nokia on Aug. 23, 2014.

Elluminize’s invitation to present its products at the Celebrity Gift-Giving event comes less than a year after the company partnered honoring the 2013 American Music Awards show and Celebrity Gift-Giving event at the Nokia Theatre and Club Nokia, respectively. “We seem to have created quite a stir at the AMAs, and we’re honored to have been asked to return,” said Ize Calina Drouin, founder and CEO of Elluminize.

Joining Calina Drouin to represent Elluminize and model its products will be two of the company’s longtime clients who, along with Ize Calina, will attend both the Celebrity Gift-Giving event and Emmy Awards show. During the Gift-Giving event, the company will be giving away eyelash packages and discounts on services, and Calina Drouin will be booking eyelash extension appointments in Los Angeles for Aug. 22 and 26.

More information about Elluminize’s partnership with the Emmy Awards show and Celebrity Gift-Giving event will be disclosed upon request.

About Elluminize

cover-pageAustin-based Elluminize was founded in 2010 with the mission to bring glamorous, high-end aesthetics to the time-crunched professional woman. Its menu of services include three custom-tailored aesthetic experiences: packages in nail artistry, makeup artistry and Elluminize’s patent pending -protected eyelash extension artistry, an application process that gives eyelashes an appearance of multi-dimensionality, realism and weightlessness.

About Ize Calina Drouin

Founder and CEO of Elluminize, Ize Calina Drouin has more than 16 years experience as a licensed cosmetologist and 7 years as an eyelash extension artist, an aesthetic practice that was invented only 9 years ago. Her patented pending eyelash extension technique has been acclaimed in local publications such as The Austin Chronicle, NSIDE ATX, Scene in Austin and Ask Miss Austin.

Media Contact
Ize Calina Drouin
(512) 698-4686

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Fall Wear 2014

When it comes to style, top-notch fashionistas need to stay on top of their game when it comes to sporting the hottest trends. Fortunately, life-saving events such as Fashion Week occur three times a year to help us be able to plan ahead. For Fall 2014, the trends look chic, fierce and all types of bold.

fall 2014When prepping the shopping list for your fall wardrobe, be sure to note the color red; all shades of the bold color will be hot this fall, including feminine pinks and red apple. Designers such as Alexander Wang and Rebecca Taylor displayed vibrant pops of color that had a sportswear influence; shades such as royal blue and neon yellow are incorporated into bold jackets and other outerwear.

For evening wear, it looks like this fall will be hosting a lot of sparkle. fall 2014Powerhouses such as Marc Jacobs dressed models in multi-colored sparkled gowns with little to no accessories. A lot of outerwear will be furtastic this fall, even more over-the-top than seen before. Furs are looking glamorous and will come in many different styles- even multi-colored! More for evening wear- Michael Kors, DKNY and Rebecca Taylor brought hemlines that were mid-calf, creating a sophisticated and classy look.

fall 2014While we are used to wearing darker shades throughout the fall and winter, be prepared to wear soft pastels such as icy blues and pale pinks. The warm colors establish a chic look that will have you looking lovely. Knit sweaters will still be a fashion trend, however this year even chunkier than before.

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