Want Fancy Full Lashes, Which Method is Best For You?

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Lashes are in! Full long, flirty lashes are no longer just a Hollywood treat. Now anyone can get long lashes to enhance their natural beauty. With so many looks and methods to choose from – chemical enhancement to grow lashes, over the counter false lashes, and lash extensions – what is a girl to do?  Well relax, we’ve done the research and provided you with the truth regarding your options.



Let’s lay it all out.
If you want to just grow your lashes, there are  lash-lengthening products like Latisse, an FDA approved treatment that claims to make your lashes grow longer and fuller. Because it’s the only treatment clinically approved by the FDA, you have to take a trip to your doctor to get a prescription. Directions state you should apply Latisse to your upper eyelid once a day.  Do this every day for four months and you’ll get results. What makes Latisse work, you ask? The treatment contains bimatoprost, an ingredient believed to affect the growth phase of the eyelash by increasing the length of the phase and increasing the number of hairs that grow in phases.

Lash strips, the ones you can get in your closest makeup aisle, are a quick-fix. Most come in pairs along with a small tube of glue. These can be applied and removed easily. A small amount of glue is applied where all the synthetic lashes meet, and then placed on your eyelid just above your own eyelashes. It only takes a couple seconds for the glue to stick to your eyelids.

Lash extensions are very different. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic fibers used to create volume and extend the length of your natural eyelash. One single extension is placed on one natural eyelash. A medical-grade permanent adhesive developed by an FDA-approved facility is used to attach the fibers to your lashes.

Let’s weigh our options.
Latisse, about $120 dollars for a one-month supply, is significantly cheaper than lash extensions which can very anywhere between 275-600 dollars for a 3-6 week application. However, price is not the only variable in this equation. We are warned over and over about iris pigment darkening and darkening of the eyelid. Although these side effects are rare, there are more common ones like dryness and itchiness of the eye. To add, all of these side effects are irreversible. Scientists have also noted that because Latisse causes lashes to grow so rapidly, they lose their natural curvature very quickly. This is also an irreversible side effect. Users of Latisse or similar products must be extremely careful with how they apply the treatment. Uneven application can cause patchy spots of lashes, or can cause lashes to grow where you don’t want them to.

Lash strips are the cheapest of the options. They usually cost 4-20 dollars, depending on the quality. These are intended for one-time use. They should be removed at the end of the day but can be reapplied using the same technique used to apply them the first time. Because the strips are not tailored to your eyelid, there will be mild discomfort where the end of the strip meets your eyelid.

Lash extensions, although more expensive, have instant benefits. There are little to no side effects and all are reversible. Few people are allergic to the adhesive and you can ask your  lash artist to test your skin before the application. The adhesive does not harm your existing lashes because it is applies about 1 mm away from the base of your natural lash away from your skin. Lash extensions can be worn to the spa, in the pool, and where ever else your busy schedule takes you. You won’t even be able to tell they’re there!

What’s the final verdict?
This one is pretty obvious. Although more expensive, lash extensions have almost no side effects. This is a “you get what you pay for” situation. In the end, not only are you paying for longer lashes, but healthier ones, too..







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