How Long Should Eyelash Extensions Last?

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How Long Should I Expect My Eyelash Extensions to Last?

If you’ve never gotten eyelash extensions, it might be difficult to imagine how they will look after the initial application. And how about in two weeks? A month?

I can tell you that without proper maintenance and no refill appointments, 60 to 80 percent of your eyelashes should remain after one month. But if you’ve never gotten eyelash extensions before, you might not know what 60 to 80 percent looks like.

To better explain what you should expect when getting Elluminize eyelash extensions, we’ve created the Elluminize Eyelash Menu to chronicle the experiences of three real women who had never before gotten eyelash extensions. Scroll down to view their testimonies and weekly photo journals chronicling their eyelash extensions after application, one week, two weeks, three weeks, and four weeks of usage. All photography is by Donbg Photo.

Elluminize Eyelash Menu: Meet the Models

*All models are wearing premium high-quality synthetic eyelash extensions. 

Teresa Miranda—Natural Beauty                                                                                    

Eyelash Details                                                                                                                              

Model is wearing 120 eyelashes per eye                                                                           

Length of time to apply eyelashes: 1 hour and 45 minutes                                                

 Curve B,C,D  Length 7mm-13mm



As an experienced model and professional spokesmodel, Teresa Miranda is used to wearing makeup and mascara on a daily basis. Because many of her photo shoots call for expressive eyes, false eyelashes and eyelash curlers are just part of the routine for Miranda; that said, she has never before tried eyelash extensions. After hearing quite a few success stories from friends with eyelash extensions, Miranda decided to participate in the Elluminize Eyelash Menu. With dry to normal skin and no allergies, eye conditions, or eye surgeries, Miranda is an ideal candidate to receive Elluminize eyelash extensions.


1) What is your exercise regimen?

5-6 days a week

2) Do you spray tan, and if so, how often?                                                                         


 3) How often do you swim?                                                                                      


4) How often do you visit a sauna?                                                                                


Rachel Brownlow—The Sophisticate

Eyelash Details Model is wearing 145 lashes per eye                                                         

Length of time to apply eyelashes: 2 hours and 10 minutes                                                    

B,C,D Curve, 7mm -11mm



Rachel Brownlow, a freelance ghostwriter and proofreader splits her time between staring at a computer screen and attending networking events around Austin,TX. To achieve a professional look, Brownlow wears makeup whenever she leaves the house, curling her eyelashes and applying mascara to add length and curl to the naturally straight hairs. Brownlow has never before had eyelash extensions and is excited to be the first of her friends to try them. “I am a good communicator. If I like a product, I’ll tell people about it,” she said. With combination skin and no allergies, eye conditions, or eye surgeries, Brownlow is an ideal candidate to receive Elluminize eyelash extensions.


1) What is your exercise regimen?                                                                                      

 I try to work out several times per week.

2) Do you spray tan, and if so, how often?                                                                        

I’ve never tried it.

3) How often do you swim?                                                                                                      

Not too often. But my friends accuse me of taking too many showers.

4) How often do you visit a sauna?                                                                              

Almost never.

Nicole Mendlik—Hollywood Knockout 

Eyelash Details Model is wearing 180 lashes per eye

Length of time to apply eyelashes: 2 and ½ hours

Curve B,B,D-  Length 7 mm and 10mm-114mm



Nicole Mendlik, an engineer and athletic trainer is the fitness role model for many of her friends and colleagues. “I’m consistently hard at work training for various competitions as a bikini competitor,” said Mendlik. Between sweating, using an eyelash curler, and wearing makeup and mascara on a daily basis, Mendlik is ready to cut down her makeup routine. And after hearing about Elluminize’s Eyelash Menu, Mendlik decided that eyelash extensions might be just the ticket to give her that extra “wow” factor at competitions as well as a few extra minutes in the morning. With combination skin and no eye allergies, eye condition, or eye surgeries, Mendlik is an ideal candidate to receive Elluminize eyelash extensions.


 1) What is your exercise regimen?                                                                                       

Lift 5 days per week, cardio 4 days per week

2) Do you spray tan, and if so, how often?                                                                    

 Yes, biweekly

3) How often do you swim?                                                                                                


4) How often do you visit a sauna?                                                                            


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Article written by Rachel Brownlow

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What are Eyelash Extensions?

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What are eyelash extensions?                                                                                          

 Eyelash extensions are among the hottest new beauty enhancement treatments available today. After years of being one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets,the trend is now gaining popularity with the mainstream public. Not only  lash extensions give eyes a youthful, sensual, and alluring look, but they are also very low maintenance. While they’re on, the wearer can swim, shower, sleep, and do just about anything they’d normally do.

How does it work?                                                                                          

Each eyelash extension bonds individually to your natural eyelash using a medical-grade adhesive and will remain intact until your natural eyelash falls out. Thus, when the donor eyelash falls out, the extension falls out too. The typical lash shedding and growth cycle occurs every 60 to 90 days. When on the shedding part of the cycle, we tend to lose four to eight lashes per day for approximately two weeks; then once the shedding cycle is complete, we continue to lose one to four eyelashes per day. With proper care and maintenance, as well as monthly refill appointments, you can expect your extensions to last between 60 and 90 days.

What is the upkeep?                                                                                                     

Elluminize’s goal is to make eyelash extensions very low maintenance. We believe that if you are dedicating at least two hours of your time to your initial session, upkeep should be minimal. Whereas most eyelash extension artists require their clients to go in for a refill appointment every two to three weeks, Elluminize recommends that clients go in for refills only once per month.

For best results, cleanse your lashes at their baseline every two to three days with an oil-free makeup remover and schedule monthly hour-long maintenance sessions with an Elluminize eyelash extension artist.

How much does a set of Elluminize eye lash extensions cost?                         

Depending on preferred material and the number of eyelash extensions per eye, a set of Elluminize lash extensions range from $99 to $500 dollars per application. The application process usually takes between one and three hours to apply, with an average of two hours per initial application session.

About Elluminize                                                                                                                

 While eyelash extension services have been around since 2005, Ize Calina, the owner and mastermind behind Elluminze has been a practicing eyelash extension artist since 2007. With two certificates: one as an eyelash extension artist, and the other for advanced training in eyelash extensions. Elluminize goal is to find the best products that can tolerate Austin, Texas heat and humidity with the utmost long lasting results.

Article Written by Rachel Brownlow

© 2011 Ize Calina Inc


DONbg Photo

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It all started when DONbg took Photography 101 at Santa Monica College, Calif., his first– and only– photography class. After that, he was hooked.

Since then, DONbg has relied on self-teaching and God-given talent. “I prayed that God would show me and teach me in my dreams, and he has,” said DONbg. “Maybe that’s why my images have a mysterious, dreamy feel to them.”

After experimenting with different styles, DONbg found that two genres of photography most peaked his interest: fashion and nude. “I am really intrigued by the language of the human limbs. … It’s exciting to express so much in one pose and have it be captured at the right moment with a complementing concept.”

While some photographers find it difficult to put their models at ease, it has never been a problem for DONbg, who finds that calm professionalism allows him to connect better to his subjects, letting art and emotion shine through. Appropriately, his company tagline is “worry free Be the Art you Crave, DONbg.”

“I am truly grateful for this talent and this opportunity to change people’s lives. … I’ve enjoyed it, and I hope to share art therapy with many more people as my career continues,” said DONbg.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What was your first fashion assignment?                                                                      

My first fashion assignment was a shoot that a model booked with me through

How did you land that job?                                                                                                

She was impressed with my artistic stuff and asked me to take a shot at a fashion piece.

How did you go about selling your first photograph?                                                  

I believe the photography sold itself. I just showed it.

What inspires you when you’re on the job?                                                                      

I am inspired by honest people who are vulnerable in front of me.

What is your process for bringing out the best in people?                                          

I try to make the model as comfortable as possible. Comfort is key to the door of the models’ potential.

What would you say is more important: knowledge or equipment?                        

I believe that the best equipment will never beat the best eye. Train your eyes to see, and you can use a camera phone to amaze people.

What is your favorite light source, and why do you choose it?                                  

I love natural light. I get to interact with the unpredictable sun… It’s fun and exciting and always has unexpected outcomes thrown in there.

If you could work alongside any one photographer, who would it be?            

My niece. I am training her, so I think she would be my pick.

To book an appointment with the amazing DONbg you can contact him at:


318.30(DONBG) 36624

Article written by Rachel Brownlow

© 2011 Ize Calina Inc


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