4 Reasons Why You Should Get Elluminize Eye Lash Extensions for the Holiday

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‘Tis the season for shopping, cooking, errand-running and, well, busyness. But never fear, Elluminize is here to help you get through the holidays with less stress and more glamour.


Here are four reasons why you should get lash extensions this holiday season:

  • Fresh, Clean Look

Extensions provide a fresh, clean look free of mascara clumps. Because lash extension eliminate the need for mascara, you’ll now have flawless skin underneath your eyes, sans the smeared or running mascara.

  • Less Maintenance

Whereas false lashes and mascara must be applied daily, Elluminize eyelash extensions will last throughout the holidays (60-90 days), leaving you more time shop, eat and spend time with loved ones. Maintenance appointment will surpass the Holiday Season. Our client’s Maintenance appointment is every 4-7 weeks, and the industry standard is 2-3 weeks.

  • Picture Perfect

Cut your makeup application time in half with lash extensions that ensure picture-perfect eyes 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Now all you need is a little foundation, blush and lip-gloss, and your set!

  • Younger-looking Skin

Because you undoubtedly will want to protect your investment with proper care and maintenance, wearing eyelash extensions will force you to be gentler with the delicate skin on your face. In turn, the extra attention and gentleness will help keep your skin looking young for years to come.


For more information, visit the official Elluminize website at http://elluminize.com/



Article written by Rachel Brownlow

© 2011 Ize Calina Inc


Best of Austin 2011

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Most Over-the-Top Beauty Treatment: Elluminize Mink Eyelashes (Critics Picks, Services)


What makes Ize Calina Drouin’s Elluminize boutique special and different? The intensive skills needed for the process of applying cruelty-free mink eyelash extensions. We’re not talking about strips of fuzzy fur like Jennifer Lopez wore to the Academy Awards, we’re talking about thick, lustrous, and long guard hairs – up to 300 of them per eye – individually applied with an adhesive specially designed to stand up to the Texas heat. And if you don’t think that will give you Bette Davis eyes, you’ve got another thing coming.

1015 Bee Caves Woods Dr. Ste. 207-B, 698-4686www.elluminize.com


Black Veils: The New Street-Style Photographer Bait

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The Times predicts that black veils, shown in several editorials this year, “should be street-style fodder” come spring. So, all you attention-seekers eager for recognition from street style bloggers, consider yourselves unshackled from your designer sunglasses and even most of your makeup! Imagine how much time you’ll save by just wrapping a piece of tissue around your face in the morning instead of fiddling with eyeliner and mascara. Compromised eyesight is really a small price to pay for Internet stardom. (Unless you’re going Carine’s route, shown here, in which case you’ve got other things to worry about, like talking.)

BLACK veils, usually reserved for religious ceremonies, goth brides and Daphne Guinness, are bringing some dramatic flair to street and cocktail dress.


In Paris, at last month’s round of fashion shows, the French designer Faustine Rome looked like a latter-day Marlene Dietrich from “Shanghai Express,” in a veiled cloche, ruffled cape (in lieu of feathers) and studded bangles (today’s pearls?). Another young woman wore an oversize black-cherry fascinator from the British milliner Piers Atkinson, whose quirky fruit headpieces have adorned Anna Dello Russo. Ms. Dello Russo also wore a veiled cap, a Stephen Jones design fresh off the Jil Sander runway. Come spring, the cap, shown in several colors, should be street-style fodder. For the holiday season, though, this veiled headband with a polka-dot bow from Maison Michel will make a sweet and mysterious accessory to wear with a black cocktail dress. Maison Michel headband, $270 at Kirna Zabête, 96 Greene Street, (212) 941-9656; kirnazabete.com.



Elluminize New Images

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Elluminize eyelash extensions represent the next generation in eyelash technology. With 5 years of experience in applying extensions, we know how to create the most glamorous look for our client. We only carry professional grade line of products to create eyelash extensions that conform to your natural eyelashes by using adhesive produced in a FDA certified USA facility, and techniques that are precise and the next generation in eyelash extensions application.

Natural looking and sophisticated eye lash extensions innately enhance your eyes. Our adhesive has superior flexibility and bond, made in the USA, water resistant and is able to tolerate Texas heat and humidity conditions with the utmost long lasting results. Choose between light weight silky synthetic or cruelty free mink eye lash extensions to increase volume depth, which results in instant glamour.

Add volume, depth and glamour to your look instantly with eye lash extensions. Elluminize brand proves to be ultra luxe; blending into your natural eye lash. The applications last from 8-12 weeks with minimum shedding.

Browse our eyelash extension gallery and read our reviews to see what our clients are saying about Elluminize state of the art eyelash extensions.


Model Amber Kuhaneck is wearing Elluminize Mink Lashes. Makeup by Elluminize; Hair by April Downs Jewelry by: Tracy Tenpenny Photography by: Donbg Artist

© 2011 Ize Calina Inc

What are Eyelash Extensions Made of?

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Eyelash extensions are made chiefly from three materials: two synthetic and one from animal hair.

Poly Blend

The most prevalent eyelash material is a Chinese polyester blend that does not adequately hold a curl. In warm weather, these eyelashes tend to relax and are heavier in weight.

Poly/Nylon Blend

Sometimes called “faux mink,” this poly/nylon blend is shinier and lighter in weight than lashes made solely from polyester. Elluminize offers a premier blend of poly/nylon that truly holds a curl. Moreover, while most lashes in the industry have blunt, unnatural looking ends, Elluminize offers unique, tapered lash tips designed to mimic your natural eyelashes and create a soft, elegant look.


Mink lashes are the most expensive in the industry and are worn by many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Oprah to name a few. A hollow fur, mink lashes are extremely soft, lightweight, and natural looking. At Elluminize, we pride ourselves in carrying only cruelty-free eyelashes derived from combing the loose mink hairs from the living animal’s coat and then sterilizing them.

If you intend for your lashes to last a full month or longer, you need a top-quality product. Sure, you can easily find an inexpensive poly blend on Ebay or other websites (probably in bulk), but I must warn you: poor quality material could lead to premature fallouts or worse— permanent damage to your natural lashes. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what material you’re gluing to your natural lashes.

Article Written by Rachel Brownlow

© 2011 Ize Calina Inc


Great Coats

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A GREAT coat is always a prerequisite for autumn/winter style and this season is no exception.

Floor-grazing overcoats were big news at Rodarte,Hermes, Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani – to name merely a few – with lean, tailored styles boasting city-smart drama, while softer dressing-gown cuts presented a more relaxed approach.

For something a little more laidback, blanket coats and cosy knitted numbers make great off-duty options. Get your inspiration at Chanel Etro,Derek Lam and Vanessa Bruno for knitted ponchos, capes and cardi-coats, which make ideal layering devices. Blanket styles came in a patchwork of colours at Chole, with fringed edges at MaxMara  or with leather-trimmed lapels at Jean Paul Gaultier.

Article and Images from http://www.vogue.co.uk

Rodarte autumn/winter 2011-12 © GoRunway.com



Elluminize Eyelash Extensions Video

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Please enjoy viewing Elluminize before and after images of eyelash extensions on 3 Models.

Model One- The Natural Beauty wears 120 lash extensions per eye. 

Model’s Testimonial 

I have always been interested in eyelash extensions, but was very skeptical due to having sensitive eyes and the process of applying them. When Ize approached me about being a spokesmodel I was more than happy to do it! She was very thorough explaining the process and very gentle applying the product. I have been more than thrilled with outcome, and the compliments just keep coming! They are gorgeous! They are not irritating at all and have stayed in tact going on one week now. I am more than impressed with her gentle technique and products she uses.


Facts on Model One

 As an experienced model and professional spokesmodel, Teresa Miranda is used to wearing makeup and mascara on a daily basis. Because many of her photo shoots call for expressive eyes, false eyelashes and eyelash curlers are just part of the routine for Miranda; that said, she has never before tried eyelash extensions. After hearing quite a few success stories from friends with eyelash extensions, Miranda decided to participate in the Elluminize Eyelash Menu. With dry to normal skin and no allergies, eye conditions, or eye surgeries, Miranda is an ideal candidate to receive Elluminize eyelash extensions.

1) What is your exercise regimen?

5-6 days a week

2) Do you spray tan, and if so, how often?                                                                         


3) How often do you swim?                                                                                      


4) How often do you visit a sauna?                                                                                


 Model Two- The Sophisticate wears 145 lash extensions per eye.

Model’s Testimonial

I couldn’t believe it. Without wearing even a spot of makeup, my eyes popped. For the record, I thought my natural eyelashes were fairly long. But now… “Wow!” Not only were they long, but they were now ultra curly.

And I wasn’t the only one who noticed. My parents noticed. My friends noticed. My boyfriend noticed (and he loves them). Probably the funniest reaction came from my roommate, who screamed “EYELASHES!” at me, after I caught her doing a double-take.

I’m very pleased with the results and excited to see how long they last.


Facts on Model Two 

Rachel Brownlow, a freelance ghostwriter and proofreader splits her time between staring at a computer screen and attending networking events around Austin,TX. To achieve a professional look, Brownlow wears makeup whenever she leaves the house, curling her eyelashes and applying mascara to add length and curl to the naturally straight hairs. Brownlow has never before had eyelash extensions and is excited to be the first of her friends to try them. “I am a good communicator. If I like a product, I’ll tell people about it,” she said. With combination skin and no allergies, eye conditions, or eye surgeries, Brownlow is an ideal candidate to receive Elluminize eyelash extensions.

1) What is your exercise regimen?                                                                                      

 I try to work out several times per week.

2) Do you spray tan, and if so, how often?                                                                        

I’ve never tried it.

3) How often do you swim?                                                                                                      

Not too often. But my friends accuse me of taking too many showers.

4) How often do you visit a sauna?                                                                              

Almost never.

Model Three- The Hollywood Knock Out wears 180 lash extensions per eye.

Model’s Testimonial

I love, love, love my new lashes!!! They are so fun and flirty. Best of all, they look long but NATURAL. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I feel so pretty with them on. I think I’m hooked. They don’t look thick and fake which is my favorite part!!


Facts on Model Three

Nicole Mendlik, an engineer and athletic trainer is the fitness role model for many of her friends and colleagues. “I’m consistently hard at work training for various competitions as a bikini competitor,” said Mendlik. Between sweating, using an eyelash curler, and wearing makeup and mascara on a daily basis, Mendlik is ready to cut down her makeup routine. And after hearing about Elluminize’s Eyelash Menu, Mendlik decided that eyelash extensions might be just the ticket to give her that extra “wow” factor at competitions as well as a few extra minutes in the morning. With combination skin and no eye allergies, eye condition, or eye surgeries, Mendlik is an ideal candidate to receive Elluminize eyelash extensions.

1) What is your exercise regimen?                                                                                       

Lift 5 days per week, cardio 4 days per week

2) Do you spray tan, and if so, how often?                                                                    

 Yes, biweekly

3) How often do you swim?                                                                                                


4) How often do you visit a sauna?                                                                            





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