Eyelash Implants

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Lately, a lot of people have been gearing toward longer, fuller eyelashes, with eyelash implants being the top choice. In the past, only people that were burnt or severely damaged in the area used to get implants as a way to recover. But nowadays, a lot of women are opting for this procedure as a way to get full, dark, long eyelashes for a perfect, sexy and enviable look.

Before you rush anywhere to get your eyelash implants, you should do some research and learn a bit more about them, so you can figure out if they are right for you.

First of all, you should know that this type of procedure can only be done by a doctor, not a cosmetician or beautician. It’s an actual medical procedure and you should learn everything you can about eyelash implants before going under the knife. Bear in mind that it will cost you a bundle, especially since a doctor needs to do it.

History of these types of Eyelash implants.

They started as reconstructive surgery for accident victims or people that have gone through chemotherapy and lost a lot or all of their eyelashes. Asian women started using these implants as a beauty treatment first, as they are naturally born with weaker, shorter eyelashes. Shortly, this became a trend that crossed over the ocean into the western world.

So, what are eyelash implants and how do they actually do it?

The doctor will remove genuine hair follicles from your scalp, usually from the back of your head, around your neck area. It’s important that your scalp is healthy. They usually remove about 40 to 60 follicles each time. They are then separated into individual strands and implanted one by one. These follicles usually have about 95% chance of survival and growth. The whole operation takes a few hours and you can go home half an hour afterwards. There is no damage caused to the scalp or the eyelid. Given that your scalp is healthy, the area from which they remove the follicles will not remain noticeably bare.

Once the operation is done, do not expect to see the results instantly. Considering that the follicles are from your own hair, they need time to grow. You should see results within 3 to 6 months if the implant was successful. Your new lashes will grow just like your normal hair would, which also means that you will have to maintain your new eyelashes by trimming them regularly.

Cost of eyelash Implants

How much do these implants cost? Like mentioned before, expect to pay a lot, somewhere around $3000 per eye. But bear in mind that this is a one-time only cost, unlike with  eyelash extensions, where if you want them permanently, you’ll have to pay quite a bit every couple of weeks.

Are there are precautions that you should take before the surgery?

First of all you shouldn’t get eyelash implants while breastfeeding or on your period. You should absolutely avoid taking any medicine, especially aspirin, and you should mention any allergies or medical problems to your doctor. Furthermore you should come to the surgery makeup-free and with a thoroughly cleaned scalp.

Are eyelash implants right for you? Here are a few things you should ask yourself before going under the knife:

  • –          Are you ok with getting surgery? You will be given local anesthetic and be treated as an outpatient.

–          Does it freak you out that they will be operating so closely to your eyes?

–          Are you ok with the fact that you will be going home within half an hour after the surgery, meaning you will do all your recovery at home and not in the hospital?

–          Do you have someone to help you out for about a week afterwards? Your eyes will be very sore and you will need all the help you can get.

–          You will not see any results right away. Does it bother you that you have to wait months before your eyes will have the desired effect? You won’t have thicker, fuller, longer eyelashes for up to 6 months.

–          Do you think that getting implants will increase your confidence and self-esteem considerably? Are you aware that there are alternatives, like eyelash extensions, that are not permanent?

–          Have you considered getting temporary extensions for a while to see how you feel, and whether it’s worth investing such a huge amount of money on something permanent? Bear in mind that this is surgery, so consider all your options beforehand.

–          Do you have the habit of rubbing your eyes? You won’t be allowed to do this after the implants.

–          Are you comfortable with brushing your eyelashes (as you’ll have to do this every day to ensure proper growth direction)?

–          Last but not least, ask yourself one more time if all the pain and money spent are worth getting eyelash implants.

What are patients saying about eyelash implants? Generally, the ladies that got implants were first of all satisfied with the doctor that operated on them. They recovered easily and the bruising went away fast. The end result, seen after a few months, was absolutely fantastic and they never regretted having it done. They felt a lot more confident and loved all the attention they were getting.

Are you someone that wants fuller, longer and noticeable eyelashes? Are you not afraid of surgery and ready to wait a few months to see the results? Then go ahead and get yourself eyelash implants and you’ll be envied by your friends, not just for your looks but for your self-esteem too!


Is it expensive to remove eyelash extensions?

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There are several ways to answer this question because there are several choices you can make about removing the eyelashes. You have the option to go back to the cosmetician or person who applied the eyelash extensions and pay them to remove the lashes. If you decide you would rather do it on your own, then you have the option of using a solvent or a home remedy of your own, to save money. The details of each are listed below.

Return to the cosmetician:

If you would rather not attempt to remove the extensions yourself then you can return the person who applied them and request them to be removed. This is a quick process because the person removing the lashes has probably done this procedure many times. So, for the sake of time, this is your best choice. But consider the money because a cosmetician could charge anywhere from $50 to $100 to remove the extensions. That seems like an outrageous price for removal but they will charge you this much because they know that they can. If you are dying to have your extensions removed and need them removed now, then you should probably choose this option. If not, try removing them yourself.

Using a solvent:

Using a solvent is probably the best choice for removing extensions on your own. A solvent will only run you a few dollars, depending on the brand and ingredients used. The reason a solvent is the best is because it is much faster than a home remedy. A solvent already has everything you need in it to be able to remove the extensions, instead of having to mix ingredients on your own.

Apply the solvent to a cotton pad and dab your eyelashes with it. The glue from your extensions should dissolve quick, removing the extensions from your natural eyelashes. Be gentle as you apply the solvent and don’t pull on your eyelashes because you could damage your natural lashes.

Elluminize New Eyelash Extensions Testimonial

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Feb 07, 2012 by Laura A.

I have never had eyelash extensions before, and I was apprehensive that they would look fake. However, they looked amazing and nobody noticed that i had extensions. Instead, they would say, ” you look so pretty, did you do something different?” it was my little secret 🙂 Ize does a fantastic job at making you feel comfortable during the application process, and you don’t even feel it when she is putting them on. After, you are truly AMAZED at how real they look, and how natural they feel. I cannot emphasize enough at how good they look and how long they last. I have a tendency for rubbing my eyes a lot, and mine stayed on for 7 weeks without them falling out. It really is true that they last for up to 7 weeks. When i wake up in the morning, having them has cut my routine in half. All I do is fix my hair and throw on some lip gloss and I’m good to go. I will never purchase mascara again!

Feb 02, 2012 by Thai F.

I have never had eye lash extensions before, and have been weary of the botched jobs that I have been seeing around town. But with Elluminize I had the BEST experience with Ize and am ecstatic with the results! She was so knowledgeable about her product and answered any questions I had with great poise. She was also VERY professional and you could tell that she had so much passion about what she does. I won’t go to anybody else for lash extensions! Any one who is interested in getting them should stop looking and contact Ize!


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