Learning More About Steve Dement!

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Last week sitting down to my interview with Steve, I wanted to learn more about his more established work. After working with him on recent projects, we had conversed about the usual mumbo jumbo “What have you done? Who have you shot? What’s your claim to fame in this small world?” The small talk we sometimes do in this little ol’ fashion world. I was surprised to learn Steve has worked with some pretty big names in the business such as Lindsay Lohan, Robert Rodriguez, Rachael Harris from “The Hangover”, and Brian Posner (comedian the Sarah Silverman Show). He has also worked with musical talents such as Patricia Vonne and Los Lonely Boys, just to name a few.

Talking with him a little more, I was really taken back by his humble demure, so many people in this industry would love to “talk” about working with these high profile clients. So, me being me, I decided to dig a little deeper and casually asked over my big bowl of steaming Pho … 

“So Steve, what is the one thing you really enjoy about your work. What makes you tick, what makes you proud of what you do?”

“I enjoy working with all my clients, whether they are a celebrity, model, or a client that wants images for a personal projects. It’s when we are able to create that something special and that client walks out feeling accomplished and confident by what we created. I believe it is important to create an environment that is safe & respectful so they are able to bring that essence of vulnerability & confidence in front of the camera. That is what I like to create. Every one has an essence that is so unique, and I like to capture that side of them that they are not able to see. Thats what I like to create!”


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Black and White Photography

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My inspiration for this unique black and white photo shoot came from the 1990s, one of my favorite eras. It was a time of glamour — a time when supermodels practically ruled the world.

You may note the seeming simplicity of the photos, which is something I really wanted to nail in this shoot. Nowadays, you probably see lots of black and white photography; unfortunately, it’s often overdone with hair and makeup, and shadowy lighting. For the purposes of this shoot, however, we wanted to keep our scene as natural as possible.

Amber, our model, is such a gorgeous girl, so I really didn’t want to put lots of makeup on her or take away the attention from her face with some fancy hairstyle. Instead, I used contouring techniques to accentuate the definition of her face but made sure to keep it simple. Meanwhile, Iana did a wonderful job of adding hair extensions. We also kept the wardrobe simple, taking inspiration from some of my favorite 1990s fashion photographs.

Working on this shoot was truly a joy since I had some wonderful people there working with me. Steve is super funny and passionate about his work; I could not have found a more amazing photographer. Our hairstylist, Iana is super sweet and never complains. She just does what you ask her, which is a very hard trait to find in an artist. And I want to give a special shout-out to Amber, our fabulous model. She has a knack for consistently getting an amazing shot on the first click. As you can see, having the right team makes for a fabulous finished product!

Elluminize Web Commercial

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