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March 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

SDP_Elluminize20130129-005_DRVOnce the new year got started, I had my next photo shoot with Elluminize to look forward to. I met with Ize a few days before the shoot, to discuss what looks we would be doing, and how I was enjoying learning about everything. I was very excited for the next shoot, because I really felt I had a long way to go in order to become the best model for Elluminize that I could be.
We started prep for the shoot pretty early, but I was so excited to be back in the studio. This shoot was going to focus more on mood and personality, which would give me the opportunity to really have fun and get comfortable with my new team. Instead of worrying about what was on my face, or what I was wearing, we decided to keep it simple, and shoot what I look like naturally. Steve really wanted to work on bringing my personality out of me, to break me of being timid in front of the camera. We started out with simple headshots, while Ize fired a range of emotions at me to copy. At first it was a little exposing to me, and I was a bit nervous. After a few tries we really started to get a good pattern going, with Ize or Steve calling out an emotion for me to portray, and then taking several frames. We turned the radio on to add even more environment to the studio. I find that music is very inspirational to me when it comes to photo shoots. A simple melody can put me in the right mood quicker than someone explaining it to me. A product of my musical training, I suppose.
With music blaring in the background, Steve kept clicking away as Ize tried to get me to express an entire range of emotions. After a while, we were all laughing and having a great time, and getting some really interesting pictures, in the process! The most amazing part, to me, was that we didn’t use any makeup, or wardrobe, for this shoot. We just shot me in front of the camera, in the clothes I arrived in. It felt real, and honest, not perfected or glossed over. It was about who I am, not who somebody wants me to beĀ . An interesting concept for a model. I really wish more people had the opportunity to shoot things like this, with no extraneous details. It is a very liberating experience! Especially coming from someone who tends to hold their emotions close, revealing them in such a manner seemed to put me more in touch with who I am. Ize and I went over the pictures from each segment as we shot them, and I could really see myself opening up on camera, in front of my eyes! I am very glad to see my photos getting better, and to know that I have a long way to go, and so many things to learn with Elluminize!



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