Steve DeMent Austin photographer Joins at SXSW 2013

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for_steve_after_01This year, Austin photographer Steve DeMent decided it was time to throw his hat in for Austin’s biggest live music event, South By Southwest.


“I have been shooting musicians and live events for several years and decided to volunteer this year for the official SXSW photography crew,” says DeMent. “I participated in five shifts over the course of five days and photographed about 30 bands throughout the festival.”


Possibly the largest event in Austin all year, South By Southwest attracts about 50,000 people to Austin each year. Visitors come from all over the country to enjoy performances, panels, screenings and more, all pertaining to music, film and the interactive industry.

This year’s event ran from March 9-17 but DeMent participated from March 12-16.

Prior to the big week, DeMent says the volunteers were required to participate in orientation meetings, and all photographers had to attend additional crew meetings to get an idea of what type of photos the organizers were looking for.

“I worked every day for a lot of hours very late into the evening, but it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever done,” says DeMent. “I saw a ton of bands I’ve never heard of and a few that I’m a big fan of.”

Participating in the festival also opened Dement’s eyes to a new music genre— Nerdcore rap.

“It was really interesting — a lot of songs about Star Wars and Harry Potter and math and nutrition,” he says.

DeMent says his favorite act of the week was Vintage Trouble.

“They had an old school mo-town sound with a lot of energy,” he recalls. “It was like seeing a young James Brown on stage.  I went out and bought all of their albums on iTunes after the show.”

DeMent’s images will be on the SXSW website, publications, and advertising sometime around September or October.  Images that he took at other venues and festivals can be seen on his Flickr site.



Simple Black and White Color Contrast

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SDP_Elluminize20130302-3324_DRV_DRV-2The third photo shoot for Elluminize came upon me pretty quickly. My schedule had been crazy with New York and Brides s at work, so I was very exciting to be able to take a break from all of the craziness and do a fun photovshoot. When I arrived at Steve DeMent’s studio to get ready, I had no idea what was in store for me. Ize Calina walked in not only with the garment I would wear for the shoot, but also with an adorable brunette bobbed wig!

We focused on creating harder lines on my face with the makeup, giving me a slightly more rugged look. Steve wanted to try for a more noir feel this time around, so we went with a monochromatic look- white collared shirt, with a beautifully structured jacket over it. Looking at myself in the mirror before we began shooting, SDP_Elluminize20130302-3271_DRV_DRV-4I felt very much like Liza Minnelli in her ‘Liza with a Z‘ days. I absolutely loved it! Liza always had such a versatile look, and always showed so much life in everything she did. I really wanted to try to embrace that during our shoot.

SDP_Elluminize20130302-3223_DRV_DRV-2We started with some close-ups as Steve tested out the setting we were going to use. With a pretty groovy girl power soundtrack going on in the background, it was pretty easy for me to  lip into a comfortable place, and the shooting went really quickly! With the simple black and white color contrast, the photos came out really beautifully!

Elluminize Male Model Search

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marcus_schenkenberg_MYCOElluminize is looking for a male model/actor. This is a paying gig so only serious and experienced  applicants. Please submit  one headshot and one full body shot  and resume to We will contact you if we would like to further interview you.


Height- 6’0-6’5

Hair Color- Dark Brown or Black

Eye Color- Brown, Green, Blue or Hazel

Body Type-a waist of 26–33 in (66.04–83.82 cm) and a chest measurement of 32–40 in (81.28–101.60 cm).

Age- must look between the ages 25-35

Model must live in the United States

Must  have some experience in modeling and/or  acting. If you have experience in acting please email video or link.

Note- Model must submit exactly what Elluminize requires to qualify. Friends/family submission will not qualify model.

Model in picture Marcus Schenkenberg

Music of March Showcase

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for_steve_after_01Each year, thousands of excited fans descend upon Austin, all eager to hobnob with the talent drawn in by the ever-growing South By Southwest Music and Media Festival. For some, the annual festival is pure chaos, but for a seasoned photographer like Steve DeMent, the March madness of SXSW holds a unique allure—the promise of capturing South By’s particular brand of excitement in his photography.

In the past, Steve has taken it upon himself to capture and chronicle the essence of the music festival, but this year he kicked it up a notch and became a volunteer for the official South By Southwest photography crew, submitting his work to a South Austin exhibit titled Music of March 2013.

The exhibit is meant to “showcase the photography from previous South By Southwest events and the level of artistry of the photographers who will be working the event,” says Steve, who had two images selected to the prestigious showcase. “A very limited number of images were selected for the showcase, so it was a real honor to be part of it,” says Steve.

In addition to the South By Southwest photography on display, the gallery features never-before-seen outtakes from photographer Kirk Weddle’s iconic cover shoot of Nirvana’s 1991 album, Never mind. The photographer was present at the gallery to discuss his work.

The Music of March exhibit opened March 1 at Photogroup Austin Studios in South Austin and will be available for public viewing throughout the month. Online versions of Steve’s images, along with some of his favorite live event shots from 2012, can be viewed on his Flickr site at

“This is my second major gallery exhibition, and I am very proud to be a part of it,” says Steve.

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