Behind the Scenes: The Scoop on our Latest Video

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On the exterior everything may appear effortlessly glamorous, however the true limelight should belong to the unpredictable and exciting action found behind the scenes. Broken machines and efficient props are malfunctions, but it takes more roadblocks than that to prevent Elluminize from grasping hold of a goal.


Earlier this August we drove out to Big Bend National Park with the talented videographer Lupe Nuñez to film one of our promotional videos. While already tackling the waves of Texas heat, we were prepared to take on any curveballs thrown our way. Inevitably, the first was the breaking of our rain machine. It was vital the video had rain in order to demonstrate the holding of Elluminize’s lashes through any tough environment like heat or water. Loving the thrill tagged on to any challenge, we dually accepted and held an umbrella over our model’s head while two people aimed a water gun right under. Surprisingly, a simple summertime toy will do just the trick.


Our next two matter of glitches lead us on a more interactive route; with the lack of a desired vintage car and male model, it was time to venture out and talk to Terralingua, TX residents. For obtaining our car, we were able to find a helpful local who was more than happy to let us rent her automobile for a few hours. The search for a male model was then a little more interesting. The endeavor, which entailed hopping from different bars, took us to our perfect guy at the last-minute, an inexperienced hunk who worked incredibly.

The shoot lasted three days. From sunrise to sundown we peddled through the hand we were dealt, enjoying a piece of serenity away from busy city combustion.

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Moving Forward in Photography and Videography

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Elluminize is pleased to announce our up-and-coming journey of creative innovation as we cultivate our savvy videography and photography. As our top-of-the-line lashes provide a natural yet luxurious look, our latest artistic platforms will illustrate the sense of fulfillment that Elluminize equips.

Elluminize Mink Lash Extensions are one of the finest options in high-end aesthetics today. Every woman who undergoes our lash services has her own experience as each lash is customized based on personality, preference and facial features.

Projects will feature empty exhibitions that lack abundance, symbolizing bare lashes that have yet to indulge in the lavish services Elluminize has to offer. We are excited to enliven our diligent brainstorming of ideas through stunning scenery, models and music. All footage will be ran through state-of-the-art equipment as well as signature techniques which will provide unique and beautiful cinematography.

Partnered with mastermind videographer Lupe Nunez, we look forward to inviting our viewers on a fruitful experience of colorful and stylistic self-enhancement. As our product establishes a fuller look for your lashes, our videos bring to life such feeling of completion through the use of breathtaking symbolism and imagery.

While our product establishes a natural yet powerful look, we wanted our work to be infused with colors that uphold its same value. Videos will be illuminated with colors naturally formed by the earth, such as orange, turquoise and emerald; shades that are natural but signify strength and fulfillment.

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