It’s Called Lipstick, Not Teethstick

January 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

lip-teeth-trick-mainAs women, we wear makeup to attract and emphasize our features. Some women will say that they will not leave the house without lipstick, that applying the colorful aid is the vital touch to enliven our face. And while our favorite cosmetic can seem like our best friend, there is nothing worse than waltzing around all day and becoming a victim of the dreadful red teeth. To ensure we don’t do damsel in distress, here are some ways to prevent lipstick on our pearly whites.


If you’re on the go and don’t have access to tissue, a really simple trick is sucking on your index finger for about three seconds. Now, this may sound and look bizarre, but sucking on your finger will actually steal away any color that was on your inner lips. Once you take your finger out of your mouth you should see that a red ring has formed, this way you know that extra color won’t be tarnishing your flashy smile.


Another tip alongside of this one is a simple applicant some of us will ignore (especially if in a hurry): lip liner. Think of painting your lips as a coloring book; applying lip liner is the equivalence of helping us color adequately inside the lines. It’s a rule we’ve heard for years, and a rule we have to stick to. It will actually stop lipstick from smudging elsewhere on our face- something that will only add to the damage. Remember, your lip color should be a couple of shades lighter than the lipstick itself.


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