Fashion History: 1800s

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

images-13 While excess was all the rage in the 1700s, fashion in the following century styled a simpler look yet still maintained glamour and class. For women, bodices were minimal and cut under the bust for a high-waist look. Dresses continued to hang long, however the width of it did not expand to preposterous lengths nor were they dressed with jewels and extreme ornaments. The fitting of sleeves altered throughout the decades. In the early 1800s, sleeves emulated similar sizes of women’s arms, whereas in 1820 to 1840 shoulders were enormous and grew thin at the wrist. Toward the late 1800s dresses embraced the “poof” of the skirt once again, however nothing as elaborate or immaculate as the 1700s; the look was simple yet chic. Hairstyles were still worn up as they did previously. The use of hats was seen more frequently and continued to grow in size as the decades progressed.

images-14Men’s fashion consisted of long fitting jackets and pants and high boots. If not seen in this form of attire, they would wear looser bottoms and coats while sporting a tall top hat. Top hats were black, narrow and had a wide and somewhat curved brim. Facial hair became more common; more and more men grew goatees and mustaches that were full and shaped. Wigs were no longer worn; a more natural appearance was seen amongst both men and women. Men’s collared shirts hosted bow ties, the buttons on the apparel weren’t as detailed as the 1700s, but still held class.

1800s collage


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