Spring Wear 2014

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Spring is just around the corner and it’s never a good idea to stay behind on the season’s latest fashion trends. But even if you’re running a little behind, snagging some items from last year’s wardrobe looks like it can be an option as extensive color and print seems to still be in.


While fashion week  for Spring trends happened in early October 2013, displays of fashion for the new year drove runways with styling trends ranging from fringe, chiffon, to statement tees. Colors appear to be not as vibrant as we’ve previously seen, this season styles will consist of a lot of earth tones, metallic and light/dark shades. Designers such as Giorgio Armarni and Zac Posen presented looks featuring lilac, a pale yet powdery shade that most skin tones can pull off.


Pants are becoming a statement piece of the outfit. Bottoms are going to continue with a high-waist and will only grow fuller and fancier with chic designs. Another trend that is here to stay for spring is printed tees, shirts sporting words in big blocky letters. Designers seem to love the idea of making a statement entirely across the shirt or dress. And it’s definitely not the time to neglect the gym, keeping a toned-tummy will be needed as crop tops are not leaving stores any time soon. Heels will keep the peep-toe, and using them as your outfit’s splash of color isn’t a bad idea.

Check out these styles at www.glamour.com , www.vogue.com or snatch a latest magazine to keep up to date with the latest trends!




Creating the Name: Elluminize

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BrandsThere are millions of brands in our incredible world today, and while it’s so easy to read and remember these names, it’s easier to forget about the countless days, months or even years that are put into the making of that simple name. The name of your brand is everything, and it is the biggest hope of a business owner for that name to be remembered and recognized.

Here’s how Elluminize was created:

Elluminize was derived from the Latin word Luminis, meaning to shine light or brighten. Owner images-1Ize Calina first realized she wanted to choose from a Latin word as Latin is the root to all languages and her business is meant for woman of all types. She knew this word was perfect due to her work brightening up the eyes of her clients. Within her years in the beauty industry she had seen tons of work that had darkened the eyes through being masked by too heavy of extensions. “I felt it needed to be the opposite of that. Eyes are the windows to our soul and need to be brightened,” Calina says.

Once the Latin word was decided, Calina dropped the “S” and added her first name, Ize. Finally, for logo and print purposes, the “I” was then changed to an “E”, and at last, Elluminize was born.



Fashion History: 1990s

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1990-1999-Fashions-Home-Of-The-ACHS-EaglesAs fashion trends of different decades progressed, it wasn’t difficult to detect previous years’ influences on evolving looks. With that said, the similarities of the 80s and the 90s equate to that of night and day; excessive hair and eccentricity quickly morphed into the once-seen simplicity and newly introduced “grunge” look. For both men and women, it’s been said that the 90s emulated the utmost laid back and somewhat unkempt style where it was trendy to shed light on individuality.

The early 90s exploited the majority of the grunge style, which consisted of everything you may 7097436_600x400think the word represents; dreadlocks, piercings and raggedy clothing. Denim jeans lacked much material, as the new style was holey and shredded. Plaid shirts of dark colors were worn over a t-shirt or tied loosely around the waist. Makeup for women in the early 90s was still fairly heavy, yet often covered by loose hair hanging in front of the face. Guys and girls wore sneakers on their feet that were comfortable for walking as most of society made a lot of use of public transportation and walking everywhere.

This laid back style was not only for casual environments; people of the work place even relaxed their attire wearing loose trousers and crew neck shirts. Bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam influenced a lot of this casual wear; it was no longer popular to dress over-the-top as seen in the 80s.

The late 90s however welcomed back a more fitted and cleanly look. Women wore a lot of fitted turtlenecks and dresses. A lot of these tops were cropped and worn with skirts or trousers.






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