Fashion History: 1920s

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Douglas_Fairbanks_and_Mary_Pickford_02The decade of the roaring 20s could be titled as one of the most outrageous and dazzling times for culture and fashion. The fashion of the 20s introduced a look that had never been seen before; both men and women embarked upon a style embedded in color, pizzazz and glamour.

Dresses for women shortened drastically, hanging at the knee rather than the ankle, the shortest clothing had so far been. Due to never-before-seen fabrics, designers were excited to play around with textures, patterns and overall differential style. This was the time of the flapper girl, which entailed a more risqué demeanor. Jackets were trimmed with fur, while dresses were either beaded or feathered. Many dresses and tops were sleeveless or styled with thin straps. 4626274_f260Jewelry became a prominent accessory. Necklaces were usually long-strung pearls, often wrapped multiple times and looped around the neck. You seldom saw women leave the house without a hat. These hats were fitted around hairstyles that were cut at the ear. The 20s were a time for dancing and parties, therefore dresses were short in order for women to dance and move how they pleased. Shoes were flat or had a small heel, resembling pointed ballet slippers.

images-2This decade came with a range of scenes for men to fall into, white collar, mobster or newspaper boy. White collar and gangster were fairly similar, both entailing suits, jackets and brimmed hats. Your average “gangster” that you see in the movies was very much prevalent in the 20s; men wore pin-striped suits and heavy trench coats. Men who were either lower class or a bit younger often wore vests on top of a collard shirt as well as a “newspaper boy hat”.

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Dior Foundation

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images-2Women always say they won’t leave the house without mascara, or maybe without lip color; but let’s be honest with ourselves, no one is leaving the house without at least a few dabs of foundation. Finding the perfect fit when it comes to foundation is tough. Certain cover-ups can either mask your face and be too heavy, or establish the exact opposite and leave you feeling naked. If you do fall into the category for finding yourself in need, we’d like to steer you in the direction of Dior.

Dior is known for its high-end services, primarily exalted for its fabulous clothing, but what choisir-teinte-gm2pu6559507587826284504some may forget are the components of its just-as-sharp makeup line. Dior’s foundation provides top-notch product that is designed for all types of skin.

The concealer line itself features 11 different products to choose from including natural glow crèmes, liquid foundation, radiant powder compact (with SPF), triple correcting serum and a spray foundation.

dior Some of its most popular products are its liquid foundation and fairly recent spray foundation. A good tip with these concealers is to use small amounts to then spread out evenly, creating a sheer and elegant look. Apply these concealers with a small to medium brush. Dior also has concealers meant to illuminate the face (skinflash concealer) to dab around the outer eye and outsides of the nose. To establish less of a glossy look, the line also has a light powder.

Although some of Dior foundation is priced higher than those at the drug store, having a flawless, full-coverage product is always worth it!

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