Fashion History: 1950s

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images-1The fashion of the 1950s mirrored the perspectives and charisma of society, colorful and light-hearted. The war had terminated and life was good; wardrobes were bright and playful and didn’t’ have to abide by certain guidelines. Men and women were entering into laidback, suburban lifestyles, which meant equivalent fashion trends.

At the start of the decade there were two popular looks for women; full dresses that fell mid-calf with a small waist and rounded shoulders, the other was a pencil Unknownskirt accessorized with gloves and pearls. The overall look boasted her busts and accentuated a petite waist. Halters became popular as well, seen in both a day-dress and an evening cocktail dress. Fabrics were now made with different prints, many being polka dot or checkered; colors were cheerful. Accessories were seen a lot more; scarves were tied around the neck and short fur shrugs hung around the shoulders.

imagesCasual wear was introduced, as suburban life was now prominent. It didn’t take much convincing for pants and shorts to be well received. Pants were either cut mid-calf or a few inches below the knee. In the start of the 50s shorts were short, however later-years the style was lengthened and known as  Bermuda shorts. Swimsuits became a new category in fashion as a favorite pastime for society was hitting the pool or catching rays in the backyard. Suits for women were either one- or two-piece while the bottoms of a two-piece sat above the bellybutton.

Men continued to wear suits, however this decade resurfaced a more tailored and fitted look. Suits were now mainly worn for work. Men were now relaxing with their families and joining part in the American passion, sports. Being an athlete was very popular in the 50s, adolescent jocks wore their letterman’s jacket everywhere they went, others wore cardigan sweaters.

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Makeup Tip: Hiding Dark Circles

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ImageNo matter how much makeup we are ready to apply to our face, if we’re tired and have dark circles there’s no achieving our best look; here’s a quick tip on how to hide dark circles.

The first crucial step is applying a moisturizer; picking one that has an SPF is always a good idea to help prevent sun damage. Moisturizer will help concealer work smoothly on the face. When choosing which concealer to use, be sure to pick one that matches your skin tone, it’s important not to pick on that’s lighter or darker. A concealer that is creamy is the best option; you don’t want anything with chalky-texture going onto your skin. A lot of women believe that choosing a concealer with a lighter tone is correct, but you don’t want to go out looking like you have an awful tan line. We must remember the key to wearing makeup is looking as if you’re not wearing any.

When using the concealer, be sure to only apply where it is only needed- less is more! Apply in small stripes (maybe three or four) with a brush that is specifically made for concealer, a little an defined brush works well. When blending, use your ring finger to lightly tap the skin. Your under-eye skin is the most delicate on your face and is most prone to damage. Once you are done blending you can then apply foundation or powder as you do regularly and wha-la! Dark circles, gone!

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