Fashion History: 1900s

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With a new century commencing, the culture of the 1900s embarked on time of change within politics, fashion and overall difference in outlooks on life. As the country grew to industrialize itself, so did fashion for both men and women.

Unknown-1While the 1700s and 1800s saw over-extravagance in its fashions, 1900s brought more modernity and simplicity. Rather than dresses that manipulated the figure of a woman, dresses were now much more form fitting. Sleeves displayed the actual shape of arms, whether it the sleeve on a dress, jacket or blouse (however a few dresses still sported puffy shoulders but this look soon faded). Collars sat high on the neck. Women were fully covered; high necks and flowing skirts/dresses fell at the ankle, stylish gloves also prevented hands from being revealed. While the style was less dramatic, class and sophistication was established. Large, floppy hats were a popular trend for this decade. Hair was worn up and hidden underneath a hat that would match the outfit. Shoes became more comfortable and durable as woman were out-and-about more than before.

UnknownSuits that were worn by men changed in its style; rather than tight pants and bulkier jackets, pants became slightly looser while jackets more form fitting. As the decade grew closer to the 1910s, size in hats decreased for men; the trend of top hats grew extinct and a smaller style was sported. Men began to wear white collared shirts underneath their suits as well a tie for a splash of color in their wardrobe.

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Makeup Brushes: What and When to Use

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Applying makeup is hard enough as is, add on the decision of which makeup brush to choose only equates utter frustration. There are so many different makeup brushes out there, so which one should we use and when? It’s completely normal to feel confused and quite intimidated when it comes to makeup; between eyebrows, blush, bronzer and more, there are way too many options. Here are some guidelines on what exactly you should be using and when.

fan brush A very common brush we see is a fan brush. This should be used for applying bronzer/blush or clean up any leftover powder. The arch in the brush helps highlight your cheekbones and create clean sweeps.

The most thin brush you will see is the brow brush. This is for when you arebrow brush  filling in your eyebrows and when applying with a powdery or creamy brown. The small tip of the brush will help you establish the perfect arch or whichever angle you prefer.

foundation+brushThe biggest brush to be used- the powder brush. This brush should be fairly round and very full. You’ll usually find this brush to be of medium-size, so that you have the perfect grip when applying all of your powder foundation. The high amount of bristles will help your foundation go on smooth and easy.

The small and slightly angled brush is the lid brush. This brush is meant for Eyelid Color Brush Precision 2-500x500applying and blending eye shadow across the eyelids and creates a clean look.

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