The Ingredients in Mascara

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Let’s take a quick journey into the history of mascara; when it was first used, who used it, and how it’s been made over the years

IMG_0992Mascara has long been used for women not only as a way to enhance their beauty, but to also ward off bad spirits and ill-wishers.

It began as far as 3400-30 B.C., when mascara was first worn by men and   

women in Egypt who were looking to protect their soul. Back then, mascara was made from a combination of crocodile stool, water and honey, galena, malachite, charcoal or soot and Kohl which was also used to darken eyelashes, eyes, and eyebrows. Not only was this a way for the Egyptians to wear mascara but Kohl was also used by Babylonian, Greek and Roman empires.

In the 1830’s during the Victorian Era, mascara was made at home with a heated mixture of ash or lamp black along with elderberry juice which they mixed together to apply to the eyelashes.

It wasn’t until the 19th century when mascara was created similar to the way it is made now. In 1917, a chemist, Eugene Rimmel created the first packaged mascara using the fairly-new patented, Petroleum Jelly along with black coal dust.IMG_0991

In the United States in 1913, T. L. Williams made his own mascara product for his sister, Maybel which in 1915 he made into a mail-order business company that has grown into Maybelline. During this time, mascara was still messy and with little improvement being made, but in 1957 Helena Rubinstein while in Paris created a lotion-based cream that was packaged in a tube and sold with a brush unlike the previous hard cake creations.

In spite of the constant evolution of mascara, the basic elements have always been the pigmentation, oils and waxes.  Other common ingredients found in mascara are linseed oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, lanolin, and sesame oil. Most common waxes found in mascara are paraffin wax, carnauba and beeswax.  Ceresin, gum, tragacanth, and methyl cellulose are regular ingredients added to act as stiffeners.

The ingredients that in mascara are different depending on the specific make of the product. For example, water-resistant mascara contains, Dodecanese. Non water-resistant mascaras have water-soluble base ingredients. And mascara for curl sometimes contains nylon, rayon or microfibers to add volume.

Whether you are one that loves using mascara to add extra depth to your eyes or you like to make your extensions look more natural, mascara is one cosmetic item that has always been eye-catching and eye-popping.

BONUS: Did you know that water based mascaras work better on eyelash extensions because there is no oil in the product? This is good because oils break downs the eyelash extensions adhesive.  Now you know!

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