What Is The Purpose Of Nail Polish Remover?

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Nail-Polish-Remover-CutexRGA little history for nailistas that wanted to know more about the nail remover that can be found in your beauty cabinet.

As you sit at your nail technician’s table, what is the first thing she does? She cleans your nails with a liquid substance called nail polish remover, but what exactly is this cleaner?

How does it clean the nail almost spotless? I’ve written a quick guide to understanding the magical remover.


Nail polish remover is used to remove and dissolve nail lacquer (polish) from the finger nails without damaging them.


There are many different kinds of nail polish removers offered on the market from harsher or gentle removers to organic nail polish removers. The main ingredients of pure acetone nail polish removers contain acetone, ethyl acetate or butyl acetate and alcohol.  The gentler nail polish removers contain castor oil, cetyl palmitate or lanolin. The healthier and better smelling organic nail polish removers use plant or fruit acid like the fruit acid solvent, amber acid (derived from plant lichens), along with deionized water, vitamin A.

Now that you are in the know let me give you the most important tip I have for removing nail lacquer (polish): I personally like to use a 2×2 sterile gauze which I moisten with the remover of my choice. I then begin cleaning my nails starting at the top of the nails, close to the cuticle area. I use a side to side motion until I get to the tip of the nail and all the polish is removed. I don’t suggest you use the up and down motion because it can get the polish all over your skin.

What ate some of your beauty tips for removing nail polish?

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The History of Shoes: 1910-1919

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Take a look at the History of Shoes: 1910-1919.


We have already taken a look into the shoes of the 1901-1910 eras and now we want to talk about the shoes towards the end of the Victorian/Edwardian era.

Digital Capture

Digital Capture

The 1910-1919 periods, also known as the Titanic Era or Pre-World War I Era, were times of big social change with far less restriction on shoes and clothing.  With the times changing and huge historical events like WWI in 1914, there were many different changes in fashion in general.


Shoes really changed with women being able to wear boots with buttons or laces, in the day. There was also the addition of pumps with multiple straps that were popular in this time because of the versatility it offered. Women were very excited about the addition of stockings made of cotton or silk because it offered them a way to add color to their style. The colors that were offered were opaque, white, black or the color of their gown.

The suede/velvet look was very popular during this time and shoes were beautified with gorgeous beading and embroidery. High cut shoes with straps became very common for dancing in the evening.006

Although the shoes became much easier to wear, narrow feet were in-style due to the belief that narrower feet were a sign of fertility. This caused men and women to wear shoes that were a size too small, even opting to have their little toes removed!


36sStaying true to the popular dainty look, men’s shoes were quite dapper. Most common for men’s shoes were patent leather pumps which were preferred for evenings at formal events while Spats were still the go-to for formal events.

Rubber was created in 1853 for use in making footwear, but it wasn’t until this decade that sportswear began gaining acceptance.  In 1916, the first sneaker was created—Keds which was to be originally named Peds, after the Latin word ‘foot’.

DID YOU KNOW the word “sneaker” is used to describe how the rubber sole makes it possible to sneak around?

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The History of Makeup: 1910-1919

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Let’s take a look at the History of Makeup during 1910-1919.

4titanic1997hdripxvidacpThe Titanic Era or Pre-World War I Era (1910-1919), was a time of big social change with huge historical events including WWI in 1914. This caused an exciting turning point with both fashion and beauty, especially in the makeup industry with makeup being worn by more than “working girls”.


This was a time when European women found it fashionable to wear makeup every day!

(Early 1910)

Elizabeth Arden opened the first Red Door salon on Fifth Avenue in NYC.161bc99fcd04a74b16111eef055d4365

The first blush and blush compact was sold in the early 1910s in a small round decorative tin/metal can.


Max Factor created his Pancake makeup.

The first professional commercial eye shadow was made with henna extract.

Hollywood Vamp, a makeup technique inspired by Turkish women, was created because of Max Factor’s popular henna eyeshadow.


Maurice Levy created the first pushup metal lipstick tube

lily_elsie_by_klimbims-d5zfkm9THE LOOK:

SKIN: Light colors like Rice Face Powder and Pearl Powder were the only colors available on the market. Blush was now sold compact and could be found in a pink color.

EYES: Movies were a huge inspiration during this time which caused most eye makeup to be found in darker colors. Maybelline mascara became available on the market, and eyeliner also became quite popular and was achieved by using their eyeshadow, or burning matchsticks in a pint and placed on the eyelids.

LIPS: The lipsticks of this era were deeper than the previous times.

BROWS: The eyebrows became a focal point of the face.

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Quick History of the Manicure: 1910-1919

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Take a look at the quick history of the manicure: 1910-1919.

article-2509977-1983264500000578-138_634x470The fashion of nails began to change during the era of 1910-1919. Women began to take their nail beauty very seriously.  They were influenced by high-fashion magazines like Vogue, which began publishing articles on how to care for nails. Beautiful colored nail polishes became commercialized with photography and the love for nail art bloomed.

Women were so inspired that they began clipping their nails with small scissors and using emery boards by Flowery Manicure Products in order to obtain and maintain healthy and beautiful nails. Buffing nails with nails with cake mix and other powders helped to make the nails shiny. Later, women were awed by a product called Hyglo Nail Polish that claimed to be long-lasting and waterproof.grafs-hyglo2

DID YOU KNOW? A professional manicure (which included cuticle care and nail shaping) only cost $1.50 and a complete manicure set could be brought for 14 cent? Times have definitely changed!

Cutex who was flourishing business that created several nail care products to aide in the long lasting beauty of names that included:  cuticle remover, nail white, nail polish (in cake, paste, powder, liquid, or stick form; the color is pink), as well as cuticle comfort.

Other great inventions and milestones included:

  • 1914- The patent for a fingernail shield created by North Dakota’s, Anne Kindred was filed. The product was a covering for nails designed to protect the nails from changing colors when using chemicals.
  • 1917- Vogue warned women to stop cutting their cuticles and the very first at home manicure kit became available for purchase. In the kit included: cuticle remover, nail polish, nail enamel, nail whitener, orange stick, emery board, and a booklet of home manicuring lessons.
  • charles-revsonAn opaque, non-streaking nail polish using pigments other than dyes were created my Charles Lachman, as well as brothers, Charles Revson and chemist Joseph Revson (Revlon).
  • Nu Nails, artificial nails, were created by Maxwell Lappe to stop nail bitters from biting their nails.

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Trendy Hats for Fall 2015

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On Trend; Winter Hats 2015

On Trend; Winter Hats 2015 

Take a quick look at the most trendy hats for Fall 2015.

Just because there is a little chill in the air doesn’t mean that you can’t stylize your look with a fashionable hat!  We have created a simple guide to finding the perfect Fall hat trend for your style:


We want you to make a statement with Boho Hats and Cute Beanies!

Boho hats are a dynamic way to add to your wardrobe because they are flirty, and quite the attention grabber! It’s just what you need to bring your dark colored fall clothing to life.

Beanie hats have long been looked over, but thanks to fashionable celebrities like Rihanna, they are making a big comeback! We love the many sayings you can find on the hats. Too much fun!


Dark colors keep you in style and also helps keep you mysteriously chic.


Pull out the shades, booties, scarf and favorite Fall jacket for major NYC style points!

What hats do you wear from the Fall to stay chic?

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On Trend: The Perfect Fall Jackets

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On Trend: Fall Jackets

On Trend: Fall Jackets 

Here is a stylish guide to finding the perfect Fall jacket.

It’s time to cool down from all the summer fun and buckle down into the warmth that comes from wearing out fashionable outerwear for the Fall. In light of the new season, check out stylish guide for finding the perfect Fall jacket:


Chic Capes are the biggest trend for the Fall season coming in all kinds of styles and lengths. The reason that capes are such a “must-have” is that they are very classy, stylish and a lot of fun to wear. From jeans to a dress capes take your style from 10 to 100!

Urban Jean Jackets have seen fashionable updates since the early 1900’s. The denim jacket known as the “Levi Blouse” has always been a fashion staple for daring and trendy women that like to show their “bad girl” style. From day to night, the jean jacket has always and will always be a popular go-to piece for fashionistas in the USA.


Dark and warm colors are appealing in the Fall because they contrast wonderfully with the beautiful fallen leaves in brown, red and yellow. We suggest you find fabrics that are comfortable to wear with your capes and jeans like cotton and cotton blends.


Get ready to be Fall trendy with a turtleneck, boyfriend jeans, an oversized bag, and a chic hat. A big style finish is a pair of knee-height boots!

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Best Fashion Trends for Fall 2015

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Trendy Fall Look


Take a quick look at the best fashion trends for Fall 2015.

Are you ready to look amazing this Fall? We know you are! That is why we have created easy tips to make sure that you are not only trendy for the Fall but also original. We love Annabelle Fleur’s original style. Now it’s time to create an original look!

  • All Black Everything is totally in for the Fall but to make the look your own, simply add one bold colored piece. For example, opt for black jeans, black top, and add a burst of color in the jacket. This makes the look bold and unexpected! You can also do this with accessories and jewelry.
  • Black Boots are great to have because they are very versatile. Whether you are a sky-high stiletto bootie lover or a riding boot fanatic, black boots are a must-have this season.
  • Chic Reflector Glasses are a fun way to bring a rocker-chic look to your Fall attire.
  • Fitted Jeans are the best for the Fall because they make wearing boots much simpler not to mention, looks much neater!
  • Bold Moto-Jackets are always a favorite for the Fall because they are an instant way to make you look edgy and fashionable.
  • Clutches are a fashionista favorite and we can’t help but agree!


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