Quick History of Nails: 1960s

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Take a look at the quick history of nails: 1960s.

f6b29fffdee1942826d6577adba772dcThe 1960s was the beginning of the youthful takeover.  Old-fashioned ideals, fashion and beauty trends were being left in the dust. Hemlines became higher, and women were becoming more empowered that ever. This empowering movement could be seen in clothing, beauty and even the Hollywood stars that wore big hair like Farrah Fawcett!

Although the colors of clothing became more bold and patterned, unlike the 1950s, women were ditching the red nails are jumping right into the soft and natural looking pastels, thanks to the Hippie influence.

A great milestone in the beauty industry:

  • 1965 –Across the sea, modish London women began decorating their nails with flowers using artists’ oil paints.5d839e5a384add51380837560dc6099b
    • Fashion designer Mary Quant launches Nail Bullion – a silver-flecked nail polish.

What history do you know about the beauty industry?

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Top Bag Trends Winter 2016

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Top Bag Trends Winter 2016

While the weather is cold and frightful, make the scenery warm and delightful with fashion trends that will heat up the streets. We are particularly excited about styling up our looks with the new bags of the season that don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Check out the top bag trend for winter 2016.

  • Leather. A woman in charge of her life is carrying a leather bag. Very classic and chic, a working woman will carry a leather attaché or a leather bag to keep her professionalism. Have fun with the different shades and shapes of the worthy and classic style.
  • Shoulder bags. Shoulder bags are a great trend to invest in because it is a simple way to keep your hands free while maintaining a great sense of style. We really adore the design in leather—two trends in one!
  • Patterned Bags. Carrying over from the fall, patterned bags are a cool look for carrying all of your necessities. Leopard patterns are sexy; polka dots are fun and stripes are dynamite!
  • Mini handbags. The most adorable trend yet! This trend consists of having a hand held bag that fits your phone, lipstick and other female needs. Carry a mini handbag on an evening out.
  • BONUS TIP: Don’t slip and miss out on these fun and daring trends for the winter. Just know your style and buy into what you know you like and will use. Don’t give into a trend that you’re not interested in.

What is your favorite bag trend for the winter? What trends are you excited to try? Share your thoughts below!

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Top Accessories Trends for Winter 2016

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Top Accessories Trends for Winter 2016


To keep out the cold and avoid the flu, you must keep healthy and warm. But warm doesn’t have to be drab when you can serve up a little fashion with your tea! There are several fashion trends that we love that will keep you cozy and chic for the winter of 2016.

  • Faux Fur Jewelry. Faux Fur jewelry may be bold for some but this trend is really picking up style points on the runways and we predict it will be popular for this season.
  • Scarf headbands. Scarf headbands are not new but look great for this season. Tie around your bun for an edgy look or wear with straight hair for a polished look. Either way, this trend is will last the season.
  • Ombre effect glasses. Let your glasses do the work and gain compliments with this stylish trend. Here is a style fact: Ombre is the effect when a color goes from darker to lighter.
  • Layering necklaces. Layering necklaces can really bring a look together. We suggest you try this trend moderately to prevent from looking over styled. Wear no more than three layers that complement each other in style and always remember small, big and biggest when arranging your layers.
  • Statement earrings. From dangling earrings to small posts, statement earrings are very popular during this season. We really like the big pearl earrings, gold and silver chandelier earrings, and unique shapes.
  • Stylish hats. Beanies are not the only hats available to keep you warm. Look for stylish hats like fedoras slouch hats and other styles that fit your need.

What is your favorite accessory trend for the winter? What trends are you excited to try? We would love to hear from you, share your thoughts below!

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Trendy Hats for Winter 2016

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On Trend Hats for the Winter

Take a quick look at the most trendy hats for winter 2016.

Hats are not just for staying warm but also to show your magazine worthy style in the cold winter months when you have to be bundled up. We have created a simple guide to finding the perfect winter hat trends and style for you:


We are completely infatuated with the Warm Wool Hats and Solid Slouch Beanies for the winter!

We find that wool hats are the best for the winter because they are not only warm but they are also comfortable and they come in loads of styles to choose from making them very appealing!

Slouch beanie hats are a fun and great way of keeping your hair warm—fashionably of course! We love this style in solid colors for a mature look.


Black is a must-have for the winter season because it is much easier to pair with your outerwear as well as your trendy new boots.

Navy Blue is a wonderful color for the winter because it is solid and makes you look New York Chic instantly.


These styles are easy to style with your favorite winter wear. Dress up your coat with an oversized scarf along with leather gloves for a complete look.

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