Top Bag Trends Spring 2016

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Top Bag Trends Spring 2016


Spring is in the air and we can’t wait to see the fashions that will hit the retail stores! Be bold and experiment with bright colors and shapes. Do you dare to wear a bag shaped like a cupcake? Check out the statement top bags trends for 2016 that we know you’re going to love!

  • Have fun with colors. Colors for the trend that are a must are lilac, peach and yellows. Here’s a fun tip: match your bag with your jewelry.
  • The Bucket bags. Bucket bags have a shape similar to a bucket, hence the name. Although this was the bag of 2015, it has carried over to the spring of 2016. It makes for a great fashion investment.
  • Fashionable backpacks. Want a hands-free alternative carry bag? Then opt for a fashionable backpack. Coming in all colors, designs and prices, backpacks are a stylish way to keep you heavy needs with you.
  • Artistic bags. Quirky artists like Jeremy Scott have unleashed their inner child and created bags that have entered the designer’s showrooms and given us fun in fashion. Bags shaped like books, CDs, radios, and magazines are fashionista favorites. Find a bag that complements your style.
  • BONUS TIP: The benefits of bags are that they are a simple way to accessorize your everyday look so don’t be afraid to use them. We suggest getting at least 3 bags for your spring attire: one for causal days, one for the office, and one for evening.

What is your favorite bag trend for this spring? What trends are you excited to try? Share your thoughts below!

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Best Nail Polish Colors for Spring 2016

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Spring Nail Trends


Get ready to see the best nail polish colors for Spring 2016!

Spring is in the air—hooray! We are all ready to shed our winter gear and it’s time to switch up our clothing and accessories, but we are most excited about four nail polish colors for the new season! Here is our pick of the best colors for this season:

  • Greens will be very popular during the Spring as they mimic the growth of grass and trees that symbolize new birth and new looks. Green nail polish will look gorgeous with you flowing dresses and skirts!
  • Colorful Shimmer Effect polish is a romantic way of styling your nails. Whether it is glitter in the shape of flowers or confetti, effect nails are completely chic and fantastic!
  • Sky Blue nails are beautiful for the spring because it soft and looks amazing on all skin tones.
  • Coral is an instant head turner which is exactly why we suggest you dress you nails in this color! Coral nails are a fun way to bring color to your nails without committing to a really bright color like red.

What are your favorite colors for the Spring? What will are you wearing this Spring?

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Quick Tips on Finding Jeans for Your Body Type

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Quick Tips on Finding Jeans for Your Body Type


Shopping for jeans can be stressful especially when you don’t have a clue of what you’re looking for. Body type, style, and budget are key factors when shopping for new jeans. Here is a little help to determine your body type and finding the perfect jeans to look sleek and stylish.

Apple Shaped

The body that is heavier at the top but smaller at the bottom.

The right jeans for you: You should look for mid-rise jeans with a loose waistband to help hide your stomach and make for a neater look.


Plus-size is the body type that has all-around curves and is usually a size over 14.

The right jeans for you: You should look for boot-cut jeans with a slight flare to accentuate your curves by balancing your hips and bust.

Pear Shaped

The body that is smaller in the bust and waist but thicker at the bottom.

The right jeans for you: You should look for tapered jeans with stretch. This will help slim your thighs while allowing your jeans to fit comfortably around your small waist.

Hourglass Shaped

The classic coke body figure.

The right jeans for you: You should look for straight leg jeans to help balance off your great curves.


A small framed body.

The right jeans for you: You should look for wide-leg jeans that are fitted through the thighs to keep your small frame from looking covered in bulky fabric.

Did we miss your shape? Comment below with your body shape and we will answer your body shape questions.

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