Best Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

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Spring Chic


Take a quick look at the best fashion trends for Spring 2016.

Spring is finally here but our question is, are you in the know of fashion trends for the season?  Our job is to make sure you are in style which is why we have come up with the best fashion trends for Spring 2016—Casual Luxe.

The Casual Luxe trend is versatile and easy for the everyday woman of all sizes. It is a look that is sure to gain attention just like famed actress, Reese Witherspoon!

Here are a few tips for wearing Casual Luxe:

  • Pastel Colors are very popular in the spring because it mimics the beauty of flowers that can be found everywhere. Some great pastel colors include, pinks, yellows, lilac and blues!
  • Floral Patterns look amazing during the warmer months creating a sweet and feminine look. Floral jeans are amazing!
  • Bold wedges are totally in this season because their fun, flirty, and sturdy. You no longer have to settle for simple wooden wedges because they can be found in exciting patterns and colors.
  • Chic glasses for the Spring are in! Glasses add a little glitz to your glamour. Try aviator shades with your blouse and jeans.
  • Stylish fedoras are a fashionable way to keep the sun out of your eyes!
  • Simple Shoulder Bags are a must-have to carry your necessities. Look for pastel color and simple styles to accent your wardrobe.

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Bringing 1700 Into 2016

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Since the world’s aristocratic beginnings, women and men have put a ton of time, money and effort into creating their perfect “going out look.” With hand-made gowns and embroidery that puts even today’s couture to shame, the 18th century can be considered one of the most lavish times in fashion. Many designers take inspiration from these over-the-top looks and translate them into modern works of art. There are many ways you can incorporate fashion from the 1700s into your everyday wardrobe.


  • Corsets are a huge trend for 2016, especially when showcased as a detail in skirts and dresses. Although we suggest skipping the inflexible steel à la 1720, a structured corset can give your outfit the edge you’ve been looking for.


  • A feminine touch like a bow can set your look apart. The secretary bow and scarf has been hitting the big-time in all your favorite stores for months now–keep an eye-out for new ways to add the trend to your closet


  • Flowy, floral, romantic. Be inspired by it all! Upgrade your dress wardrobe for the Summer with elegant patterns and pieces.


How will you transform looks from the 1700s into your 2016 closet? Comment below!

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Top Accessories Trends for Spring 2016

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Top Accessories Trends for Spring 2016


When Spring is in the air there is no better time to flex your fashion skills by wearing accessories that complement the blossoming of beautiful flowers and the amazing colors of nature. From glittery sunglasses to wooden jewelry, we are getting into the new fashion season with a bang! Check out the top accessories trends for spring 2016.

  • Glittery sunglasses frames. This season, eyes will sparkle especially with fun glittery and glittery sunglasses frames. Whether the frames are round or square, you will look glamorous.
  • Gold barrettes. Decorate your tresses with decorative barrettes and headbands. These hair pieces can take a simple ponytail and make it chic.
  • Artistic bags. Fashion designers have tapped into their quirky side and have created bold and unique bags to carry our necessities. Bags in the shape of heart, radios and even doughnuts have been spotted on the arms of our favorite celebrities that include Beyonce, Madonna and Rihanna. .
  • Vintage jewelry. Vintage jewelry is a not a trend but a must-have for all (at least one piece).
  • Cute little waist belts. The best way to bring a dress or pants together is with a belt that accentuates the waist. Try a thin black belt with your slacks for subtle shaping.
  • If you do a lot of writing or typing, then you might as well make your hands look fabulous with an amazing ring that fits your personality. Choose from unique shapes that include dogs, cats and butterflies.
  • Wooden jewelry. Like summer, wooden jewelry is very popular again and all styles are welcome. From painted versions to beautifully stain with brass, this trend is a must-have!

What is your favorite accessory trend for the spring? What trends are you excited to try? We would love to hear from you!

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Spring 2016: Trends for the Office

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Spring 2016: Trends for the Office


What you wear to the office effects how you do business. As a savvy entrepreneur to a professional employee, your fashion is your first impression to when meeting clients and employers. How do you make your best impression? Check out our style guide for spring 2016 that will make you look chic and neat each and every day.

  • Pencil Skirts. Pencil skirts are a great piece to have for the office because it allows you to be a lady without losing your “I mean business” style. Stick to solid colors and below the knee lengths to always be office-appropriate.  
  • Pastels. Pastel colors are beautiful to wear at the office but it is best left to pairing with a darker color. For example, match your lilac with your black. Try colors like pink, aqua and lilac.
  • Bold Flats. In the office you may want to keep your style simple so make your bold move with your shoes. We love patterned shoes with flowers and stripes. Don’t be afraid to try animal prints too.
  • Brooches. Brooches are no longer just for grandma; they’re making quite the comeback in fashion. These conversation pieces are made of stone, precious metals and fun fabrics. Add the brooches to your blazer lapel.
  • On causal Fridays: Casual Fridays doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish. Keep your style sharp with chic jeans and a fashionable print blouse. You will instantly make a statement without having to say a word!
  • BONUS TIP: Always be confident in both your business smarts and style because it will make your comrades respect you more.

What trends do you follow and wear for the office? Share your thoughts below!

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On Trend: Find the Perfect Spring Jacket

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Spring Jackets are Wonderful for a Rainy Day

Spring Jackets are Wonderful for a Rainy Day by younghipchic featuring hooded coats

Here is a quick guide to find the perfect Spring jacket.

Spring is in the air, and here comes the rain—are you ready? Now is the perfect time to find a Spring jacket that looks good and feels fantastic! We have created this simple guide for your Spring fling pleasure:


Clear Patterned Jackets are a statement maker this Spring! We love the idea of showing off your effortlessly chic style under a clean and clear jacket. Only the most fashionable would dare to wear.

Rain Coats have always been a go-to for the spring, but did you know there are thousands of designs to choose from? Whether you like the traditional look or a sportier look, there is something for you that you’re definitely going to love.

Patterned Capes are our favorite trend that is gaining popularity! We like them because they are simple, dry and look great with jeans and stylish boots.


Clear and Light Colors are wonderful for this season. We suggest PVC and Nylon materials that not only keep you warm and dry, but they are also very comfortable.


Pull out your amazing rain boots, a chic umbrella, skinny jeans and your favorite graphic tee for fun fashion that will make a splash!

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How to Rock the ‘Stacked Rings’ Trend

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How to Rock the ‘Stacked Rings’ Trend


Want to make a statement but not sure how to do it? Then the ‘stacked rings’ trend is just for you! Seen countless times on Instagram, the fashionable style consists of placing multiple rings on a hand usually two on the pointer, index and ring finger.

This is a fairly simple trend to accomplish all you have to do it follow these easy tips:

  • Keep your hands moisturized. This trend is all about accessorizing the hands so it is very necessary to keep them moisturized and neat.
  • Have perfectly manicured hands. Nothing makes this look really pop more than picture perfect nails. Opt for a clean solid color polish to prevent the rings from clashing with the polish.
  • Play with ring combinations. We love this trend because it is more about your personal style than following the rules. Simply play with the combinations of styles, textures and where you place it for a completely unique look.
  • BOUNS TIP: Don’t overdo this trend (which is really hard to do). If you find that you have used all the rings in your jewelry box, or have more than 20 rings on a hand, then you have done too much.

What are you tips for wearing the ‘stacked ring’ trend? Share your thoughts below!

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