Quick History of Nails: 1980s

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9c7d7832ef4d1a445285fc27e744c5d3Take a look at the quick history of nails: 1980s.

Women and men of every age were all about colors during this decade! With bright neons, rap music, and lots of gold, the 80s was a time for being flashy with fashion and the same applied for the nails!

The Style Madonna_01_24

Along with the attraction for square shaped nails over previous almond shapes, the love for nail art went wild during the 1980s with a love for experimenting with colors, prints, textures and even embellishments.

Some of the techniques and styles during this decade included: airbrushing, multi-colored nails, hand painting, feathers, real gold nails, and even foil art as well as the enhancement of products to give better length including tips, gels, and “organic” nail powders.

During this time, an amazing variety of colors blossomed from electric blues to super neon yellows.

Other great inventions and milestones in the beauty industry included:

  • 1980- Nail technicians began shaping acrylic nails with electric files which were used for jewelry making and dentist work.
  • 1982- The First UV Gel system was introduced. The UV lamp created by James Giuliano cost $500. Odorless systems are also being created.
  • imgres1988- Florence Griffith Joyner set two world records at the Seoul Olympics while wearing long blinged-out nails.

What history do you know about the beauty industry?

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Summer 2016: Trends for the Office for 30+ Women

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Summer 2016: Trends for the Office for 30+ Women


Tank tops, shorts, summer dresses are all very tempting to wear in the summer but it may not be appropriate to wear to work. So how do you stay cool, fashionable and well-dressed for the office? Here are a few ideas for office style for the summer of 2016.

  • A-line Skirts. A-line skirts are very comfortable and pleasant to wear to work. With an array of colors, styles and patterns, the A-line skirt can be very sophisticated. Wear a patterned skirt with a solid color blouse and nice flats.
  • Black. Surprisingly for the summer, black is THE color. Best worn as a bottom, black is a staple color for the office. Consider a pair of black slacks and a pastel colored blouse.
  • Bold Flats. In the office you may want to keep your clothing simple, but you can make a bold statement with your shoes. Pastel colors are great to wear and neon is still a trend.
  • Ruffles. We are not talking about loads of ruffles; we think that a few ruffles on your blouse add a great accent to your attire.
  • Classic Jewelry. Classic jewelry will never go out of style. Think pearls, dainty bracelets, and classy dangling earrings. These are timeless pieces that look great at the office without being a distraction.
  • Casual Friday: Want to make a statement for casual Friday? Do so with a prairie dress. A prairie dress has beautiful floral prints and beautiful layers. Pair it with flats.
  • BONUS TIP: Always be confident in both your business smarts and style because it will make your comrades respect you more.

What trends do you follow and wear for the office? Share your thoughts below!


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The History of Makeup: 1950s

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Let’s take a look at the History of Makeup: 1950s.

TAYLORWith beautiful women like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Dorothy Dandridge, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, there is not telling why the 1950s were not considered the most beautiful time in Hollywood or the beauty industry period.  Unlike previous years, unknown models were winning makeup contracts with big brands making them the “woman-to-be” or the “face”. And with the love for all things Italian lifestyle in the USA, fashion and makeup began encountering modern change.

With Technicolor movies making it possible to see how their favorite actress wore their makeup, young women were extremely excited about all of the new cosmetic brands not offered on the market.

In the beauty world, the love for standard bright red lipsticks were becoming a part of the past with the addition of titanium to make the colors pinker. Minimal shimmery pastel-colored eye shadows and pretty pink lipsticks were in style for young women along with the love for liquid foundations and powers.

1950s MILESTONES: 71031c0212d23a55673a9bd571dc178e

  • 1949-50: Hazel Bishop revealed the first non-smear lipstick.
  • 1952: Revlon launched “Fire & Ice”, the most famous lipstick campaign of the 50s with a two-page, full-color spread featuring model Dorian Leigh.
  • 1953: Revlon created a non-smear lipstick.
  • 1950s: Married couple, Joseph and Estee Lauder grew their business and went on to being the first beauty company to give free samples with purchases.
  • 1950s: Revlon began producing lipstick shades every six months to encourage women to buy more.
  • 1950s: Elizabeth Arden expanded her brand with a complete line of cosmetics, and perfume including lipsticks and matching nail polishes.
  • Late 1950s: Gala introduced the first pale shimmery lipsticks created with titanium which made the colors lighter.

marilyn-monroe-a-major-sex-symbol-of-hollywood-in-1950-movie-actress-model-singer-film-producer-jfkTHE LOOK:

FACE: Women had options during this time with both foundation and face power on the market. For their cheeks, women opted for a rose-colored blush over the cheekbones.

BROWS: Women simply arched brows and later colored them with an eyebrow pencil for definition.

EYES: The idea of eyeshadow during this time was minimal with one particular color being used on the eye lid although black eyeliner was used to outline the eye to give it an almond shape. False eyelashes were sometimes used in small clusters to give the eye a more intense look which was coated in 1-2 coats.

LIPS:  Depending on the time in decade, lipsticks were different. Red lips were desired in the earlier years and as the decade closed, pink became the must-have color.

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The Fashion Horoscope: Gemini

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May 21-June 20


Artwork Via: https://www.etsy.com/shop/evesand?ref=l2-shop-header-avatar

This month is the time where the Gemini reigns supreme. Astrology.com says all born this time of year will be running rampant, but why does your style have to? Here are this month’s biggest trends as seen through the palette of the Gemini.


·Do not underestimate this one. A simple LYD (Little Yellow Dress) can get your Summer started off on the right foot.


·Yellow might not be everyone’s most flattering color–even for a Gemini. But try incorporating it below-the-waist. Keeping the color from being directly near your face will halt the dreaded washed-out look, and still give you the ability to have a fun pop of color!


·The Gemini is a sign of Spring, and your nails are another platform to show this off. Make an effort to stay away from looking too “I’m going to church on Easter Sunday,” by choosing a muted yellow. We love this Sally Hansen “Mum’s The Word” from Prabal Gurung’s S/S 2016 fashion show.


·Perhaps the most exciting of all the yellow trends is in make-up! There’s a new technique coming into fashion and it’s called “Sunsetting.” Leave your smokey-eye behind, and add a pop of color UNDERNEATH your eye for an alluring effect.

Give all these looks a try and let us know what you think!

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What’s Hot Around the Collar

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Necklace trends are one of the most fascinating. Just in the past two years the trends have changed from giant statement pieces, to the tiniest of chains and charms. It seems this Summer has morphed the two together to create some truly eye-catching pieces…


·Bringing back the Coca-Cola tab necklace in a whole new way. Chunky layered metals have an elegantly modern look. The choker-effect to this one from Chanel is extra-edgy. Pair a piece like this with your favorite LBD for your night out on the town.

hbz-ss2016-trends-jewelry-industrial-givenchy-clp-rs16-9038·Simplicity is key. Simple geometric shapes have been in for a while now. Now in new porportions, they can be worn day or night. Making a chunkier statement, this design from Givenchy has a new take on the trend.


·Channel your inner 90s babe with a simple choker. Made with better materials than the intertwined plastic ones of the time, modern chokers are a trademark of the cool girl. Be it velvet, silk, or metal, the choker is here to stay. The trend is constantly evolving, we suggest you stay on the look-out for floral patterns like this one from Etro for the summer!


·Drifting away from the necklace a bit, a scarf or secretary tie was all over the runway this season! Every fashion house from Gucci to Lanvin showed looks tied together with a simple bow. This is the best way to upgrade your office look this season! Try colorful prints, exotic patterns, or a mixture of them all like this look from Rodarte.

 There you have it, the latest trends in neckwear brought to you straight from the S/S 2016 runways. Which style will you wear? Let us know in the comments!

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Best Way to Wear 1900s Makeup Today [DIY]

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In beauty, there are times when certain makeup trends from previous centuries come back into existence which is why I decided to create an easy DIY for re-creating the 1900s look.

Here are my tips for creating the perfect modern 1900s look:


For my face, I like to use NARS LUMINOUS WEIGHTLESS ALL DAY FOUNDATION $48. I apply the foundation with my fingertips in small parts because the product tends to dry fast.

For under my eyes I apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 by blending with my finger tips to cover unwanted dark circles.

For highlighting on my forehead and bridge of my nose, I blend TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 in with my fingertips which I also do when contouring. For my contouring I use a darker shade of TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 on the tip and corners of my nose.

For my cheeks I use CHANEL JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH $45. I apply the blush over the apple of my cheeks with a blush brush. I suggest you use a small circular motion and don’t go towards the ears as this is not the look we trying to achieve.


To obtain the look I am going for, I lightly brush my brows upward with a disposable mascara wand using an eyeshadow the same color of my brows. This creates a more natural look.


For the prefect eye, use the Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette $50. I begin by applying the desired color over the entire lid, and when I get to the crease I use a nude color.  I create a “V” shaped vanilla colored highlight in the inner corner of my eye and at my lower lash line.

My professional tip:  Lightly pat eyeshadow brush on eyes instead of stroking the brush because doing this will cause the eyeshadow powder to fall on your face messing up the foundation.


To create the finishing look, I apply Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush $35 for the perfect pout.

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Not Your Grandmother’s Slippers

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Birkenstocks paved the way for them, the top designers made them, and we’re not sure who first had the idea to actually wear them…


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.29.59 PM

Dun Dun Dun… The Slipper

Now, if you’re expecting us to run in terror because of this trend, you’re wrong. For years the “it shoe” for women has been sky-high stilettos. And our feet need a break, officially. These shoes are technically called a “babouche,” and we will be rocking this trend in a variety of ways very soon:

There’s the classic: Bring-out your inner prep and add this trend to your favorite Ralph Lauren button-up and slacks!


The Casual: You can easily find this shoe in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns. This will add a fun pop while you stay comfortable in your jeans and t-shirt.


The Menswear Inspired: One of our favorites, a new take on a mens dress shoe — wear this with an oversized blazer to complete the look.


The “90s Aunt:” Self explanatory, didn’t your aunt wear these too?


And some with Fur: These are pretty out-there. But again, this style is definitely inspired by the Birkenstock trend, and there have been plenty of those that were fur-lined. These will definitely have everyone talking; just make sure you don’t live somewhere too warm…


How will you wear the babouche trend? Let us know!

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