Going From Work to a Date? We’ve Got You Covered.

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So you’re headed to work in your go-to structured skirt and blazer combo. Great for work, but then you make last minute plans for the night with your latest crush. What do you do now? Why don’t we all have a go-to date night outfit? Well we have your answers, here are 5 things every woman should have stashed for a last minute date night outfit transformation!

·A wrinkle-proof LBD. A little black dress in a jersey fabric is a must-have in your desk drawer! You never know what mandatory after work events might pop-up, but it’s perfect for a date too. It can be paired with your blazer and tights on a chilly night. This piece will take you from work to dinner and drinks in an instant.

·A pair of metallic heels. Nothing says date night outfit like a great pair of heels! Always keep a strappy pair on hand and leave the black pumps behind.

·A classic clutch. As women, we know nothing worse than lugging around a big heavy bag on a night out; not only is it uncomfortable, but the man you’re with will most likely comment on how you seem to carry every item you own on your person. A black rectangle clutch can solve this problem, it’s big enough to hold the belongings you actually need, and small enough to not be a burden. Not to mention it will look great with that LBD…

·A pair of playful earrings. Jewelry can always complete a look; but it’s important to keep it simple, men don’t like a lot of fuss! We suggest keeping an elegant pair of studs on hand, maybe some pearls, metal balls, or even some diamonds (Cubic Zirconium will do just fine).

·The final touch: eyeliner! Amping-up your makeup is a must. Add a little sultry smokiness to your outfit with a quick swipe of eyeliner. Be careful to not overdo it, but this is definitely a game changer that your man will notice! If you want to go the extra mile, try adding a red lip too!

There you have it, keep these 5 essentials in your work desk for a stressless work-to-date transformation! What are your desk drawer essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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Our Favorite Crop Top

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It can be difficult to find the right crop top for your body. Sometimes they’re too cropped, and sometimes, not cropped enough. But while shopping online at Electric Moda, we finally found our perfect crop top.


·This is their Static Crop Top, and it is the best crop top for day and night!


·I absolutely love the cut-out button-up back in this woven piece.


·The best thing about Electric Moda’s pieces is that they are all anti-static and eco-friendly!

Electric Moda is having a big sale right now, so head this way to see all the crop tops!

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Top 2016 Swimwear Trends

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The wait is finally over,  warm weather is officially gracing us with its presence. In anticipation for this time of the year, we’ve been fantasizing about the moment we step outside to the sun gently kissing our tanned skin, and get our bodies into a fashionable new swimsuit. There are many styles to choose from this year, swimwear trends are copying that of ready to wear clothing perhaps like never before.

Here’s some great styles you should be on the look-out for:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.11.12 PM

·Crop Top Styles – The high neck is a great fit for everyone, and offers a fashionable amount of coverage that we haven’t had access to in many years; making this a worry-free swimwear option. This is especially great for those with a larger bust who like to down-play it without covering their entire bodies. This style will be everywhere this summer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.16.33 PM

·Cut-Out Styles – This year the gaps are widening, particularly around the hip area. Strategically placed cuts and slashes were placed on a ton of runway pieces. This is a great way to add a little sex appeal to your suit while still having a good amount of support.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.23.15 PM

·Lace-Up Styles – Bikini bottoms, both high and low waisted, have been showcasing intricately woven sides for a while now. This summer is taking a new spin on the style,  now it’s all about a simple laced-up top! Matching 70s style crop-tops we’ve all been seeing for a couple of months now, these suits range from simple colors to extreme prints and everything in between.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.24.17 PM

·Off-The-Shoulder Styles – Again, stemming from ready-to-wear runway trends, swim suits with exposed shoulders were everywhere! Ruffles look great on dresses and regular tops, but they are beyond adorable on a girly swimsuit. Although this can be a look that’s harder to wear than most *beware the peek-a-boo* so we suggest those with larger busts opt for a one shoulder piece that was big this season too! Some pieces even having an edgy choker-like effect with their support strap.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.26.04 PM

·Long Sleeve Styles – This style was big on the 2015 runways, although not so much actually at the beach. But the swimsuit wearers and sun bathers are getting braver, and we think summer 2016 will be the time for that to happen in the form of the long sleeve swimsuit. Coming in one piece to a crop-top, this is a great way to stand out in the crowd at your next pool party.

Coming in ever cut and color, all of these are already hitting your favorite swimwear shops for the season. Let us know which style you love!

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The Fashion Horoscope: Leo

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il_570xN.466831837_6za0Artwork Via: Eve Sand

This is the month of the Leo, and we’re channeling our best Kylie Jenner and Jenifer Lawrence outfits. Here’s how to dress just like a Leo this month:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.31.55 PM

·Friends. The Leo is the most generous sign of the zodiac. A Leo is very faithful and loyal when it comes to friends and family. They enjoy hosting celebrations and events to show their gracious side. Leos look for friends that can keep up with their fast pace, high energy lifestyles. Express your on-the-go attitude with a great jumpsuit! In the shad of your ruler, the Sun, this look will not disappoint at your next dinner party.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.36.07 PM


·Love. As a fire sign, the Leo is passionate, adventurous, and energetic! They are very independent in their love life and choose their partners accordingly, a Leo is always looking for a free spirited person. On your next date, go for something a little out-there, but still put together. A printed dress, or even pant is great for you, Leo. Add some playful bangles or stacked rings to complete the look.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.41.02 PM

·Work. Leos are full of energy in every aspect of life, especially in work. They love to keep busy, no matter the task! When dedicated to their job they will do almost anything for their co-workers and boss. This makes a Leo a great leader. Work is the one place where Leos prefer to stay low-key, but don’t be afraid to let people know the true you. Express yourself through the fun accessories you add to your everyday work attire!

How will you wear the looks of the Leo? Let us know!

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How to Create the Perfect Summer Daytime Makeup Look

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Summer is a great time to flaunt your beauty and now we have a great method to enhance your beauty—with the perfect daytime summer makeup!

Here are the instructions for successfully making the perfect summer look:

The Face. To begin, always make sure your skin is completely clean to get the best results. Apply moisturizer or a primer by Makeup Forever to skin using your fingers to get your skin ready for makeup. Use your Dolce & Gabbana – Luminous Foundation ($62) and blend into your skin evenly.

Optional. If you want to additional coverage to your foundation, add powder underneath your foundation. If you find that you are too shiny, only use primer on your skin to keep you from looking oily. On the other hand, if you find yourself in need of extra moisture, use a moisturizer underneath your primer which you can apply with your fingers and then smooth out a with a buffer brush.

-Begin adding liquid concealer right underneath the eyes using your finger to blend.

-To bring about the beautiful sun-kissed glow to your skin, apply bronzer to your cheeks using a blush brush. For less glow us Tarte Matte Bronzer ($30); for a luminous look use Nars ($39-59), for the perfect balance of both we suggest you use Marc Jacobs O! Mega Bronzer ($49).

-For a perfect highlight to your skin we suggest you try Kevyon Accoin Celestial Powder in Candle Light or Starlight ($44) which you apply right above the bronzer and tip of the nose with a fan brush.

The Eyes. Simply bring life to your eyes with a modest eyeshadow in a soft color being sure to keep the shadow below the eyelid.

The Lips. For the perfect makeup finish, we suggest you use a lip balm, lip gloss or nude lipstick.

How do you create your summer look? Let us know in the comments!

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The Pajama Suit: What You Need To Know

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fedavsdSince we were children, the dream has been to wake-up in the morning and wear our pajamas out to school/work/basketball practice/to do the gardening… wherever. There’s a certain simplicity, comfort, and remembrance of home that is engendered through our classic long-sleeved silk pajamas that we just don’t want to let go of. So naturally, wearing pajama as an outfit is not a new concept. Starting from a silk ready to wear “night gown” in the 30s to the beginnings of the outerwear pajama “robe” in the 70s, we have finally morphed to a full-on pajama suit by the 21st century.

Here’s how to pull-off the trend:


·Take it slow, jump start your pajama filled wardrobe with an elegant piped jacket. Pair its with a denim bottom! These pieces look great together no matter the pattern of the jacket, or the color of the jean. For a real 70s inspired look try a denim skirt too!


·Flowing silk pants are your friend. Throwing on a white button-up or t-shirt with these is possibly the easiest yet chicest outfit you’ve put together in months. Minimal effort is required for this one, but a great statement necklace can elevate the look. For those with a slim frame, the classic oversized fit will work great, I would recommend those with some curves go with a more pair that’s more structured at the waist or high-waisted even, this will really ecentuate those curves!


·The daytime pajama world can be a scary one, but if you’re ready for it, try the full pajama suit. This is a really versatile outfit. You can expose as much or as little skin as you want by choosing between a silk cami or jacket, and adding other layers can be a lot of fun! There are many fabrics to choose from too, silk and cotton are classic, but velvet is really in right now–and can set you apart from the pajama filled crowd. It’s important to remember when choosing your first pajama suit to keep the jacket fitted in some way, wether it be  with a slim cut or a tie at the waist; without doing so this look can easily take you from looking dressy and chic to, “hey, you forgot to get dressed this morning.”

Now with these tips in mind, you can definitely fulfill your life-long fantasy of leaving home wearing your favorite pajamas. How will you wear the pajama suit? Let us know in the comments!

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Leaving the 70s Behind…

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Tie-Dye is back. Now before you start reminiscing on your billowing 70s kaftans, designers are giving tie-dye an unthinkable subtlety. Mature, simple, and sophisticated are words that come to mind when viewing the runway looks for this season. Combining bohemia and the working woman, these pieces will make you a dyed and true fan.


·Whimsical silhouettes like this one from Altuzarra dominated the tie-dye category. The uneven, gradient print keeps this look relaxed enough for the Summer season, yet modern enough to wear in the office (although, we would suggest buttoning it up for that). You can pair a dress like this one with flat sandals or your most out-there heel. You’ll leave people saying, “I’ve never seen tie-dye look that sexy.”


·For those who are more hesitant to try the trend, opt for a tie-dye infusion with a comfortable classic. We love this Narciso Rodriguez dress because it has just that effect. A long cotton dress that can be worn to the beach as a cover-up, or to dinner with a heeled sandal at night. The print is subtle enough to not take you into the “danger zone,” yet eye-catching enough to make people want to know where you got it from!


·Tie-dye represents freedom, rebellion, and youth in general. This glamorous Baja East look incorporates all of that into one. Definitely making a statement, electric trousers and a red, white, and blue top will give you the confidence to express your rebellion to the simplicity of the trend.


·Full-on Canadian Tuxedos have been a “thing” for a while now. Morphing themselves into women’s wear, entirely denim outfits make for an breezy street style look. Taking it a step further, incorporating tie-dyed denim will really amp-it-up. You can start with a blouse, dip-dyed jeans, or a youthful dress like this one from Thakoon!

How will you wear your tie-dye? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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