Get the Look: Dewy Makeup for Both Day and Night

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;lks;lj;faWomen are always looking to achieve a glowing fresh-faced look and we have created a sure method of achieving this look without the fuss. There are a few components of mastering the prefect dewy look for both day and night and you will be surprised to see how easy it is to accomplish. The Dewy look is very popular among those who want to keep their makeup natural and carefree. The dewy characteristic refers to the soft and radiant glow that is known for making you look youthful, lustrous, and fresh.

Here are our tips to creating the prefect dewy look for both day and night:


THE FACE. you should opt to use a satin finish foundation which will give you the natural looking shine you are trying to create without looking overdone. It is important to keep the brows natural and thick. We find that the best way to make them look natural is to use powder instead of liner because it gives a softer look.

THE EYES. keep it as natural as possible. For a completely fresh-faced look in the day, we suggest you use the simple combination of Elluminize lashes and mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. If you are looking to take your day look into night, we think adding eyeliner is awesome! The best way to keep the look natural is to use darker eyeliner on top and a lighter color on the bottom.

· For example, a black liner on top accompanied with brown eyeliner on the bottom of the eye will look amazing especially if you smudge neutral eye shadow over the brown liner.To make the look more dramatic for the night, you may opt to add nude or white eyeliner on the inside of lower eyelid to enhance the eyes.

THE LIPS. Keep the lips natural and glossy with simple pink tinted gloss.

What are your tips for getting a dewy beauty look? Let us know!

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Transcending Style: 1910s

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The Belle Epoch (beautiful era) carried on the early 1900s mantra of simplicity, this was defined by shorter hem lines and the embracement of natural figures. The torturous boning in bodices that produced the unnatural S shaped curves were left behind for comfortable attire that could be worn at all times of the day. Draped dresses and bat-wing sleeves were still popular, but the 1910s were truly defined by the evolution of the skirt in 3 different styles.


·The hobble skirt was the first big trend of the 1910s. This was a restrictive skirt, with a flowing top tapered off by a firm line of fabric just below the knee. Definitely not made for walking, this style is comparable to the ankle-length body con skirts of today! If anyone has ever said you were “hobbling along,” you now know where that term comes from.


·A push for freedom from women came along quickly, the hobble skirt was in style for only about 5 year before fashion had a complete 180. The full skirt now took over. This was a round skirt perfect for outdoor activities. The full skirt was a major history maker because for the first time women were showing their ankles. And aren’t we all happy for that… This is still a popular style today, especially in a pleated fabric!


·By about 1918 women’s fashion was shifting towards rebellious boyish looks. The new skirt was straighter and curve-less, still hitting above the ankle. This was often paired with a long matching jacket that hit right at the mid-thigh. Although we don’t see a lot of straight skirts in 2016, the long blazer is still a popular style often matched with boyfriend jeans and a pair of pumps!

The decade of the 1910s was truly an evolutionary period. Evolving from the restrictive hyper-feminine looks in the 1800s to tomboy cuts defined the 1920s. A fast-pace change that had an unmeasurable effect on women’s history. How will you wear these skirts today? Let us know in the comments!

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The Fashion Horoscope: Virgo

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il_570xN.466832111_3vprArtwork Via: Eve Sand

It’s the month of the Virgo, so we’ve compiled the perfect looks that encapsulate everything you need to know about this sign. Channel your inner Beyoncé, queen of the Virgos with these outfits:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.56.03 PM

·Friends. Virgos make the most useful of friends, they are always ready to solve a problem and are great advice givers. Virgos offer kind advice, but will always let you know what is truly best for you. Virgos are great at showing they care, rather than just saying it. For casual wear, Virgos like to stay very understated. Their palette is calm and cool, just like their personalities. Wear classic whites, beiges, and yellows to express your Virgo personality.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 5.05.40 PM

·Love. After giving so much to others, Virgos really need attention from their partners. Here, Virgos are quiet, and do not often voice their love. All they need is to feel that they are important and needed and they will be extremely faithful and show the same to their significant other. For your next date, Virgo, keep it simple with a flowing dress and neutral accessories. Express your innocent side with a girly headband and bangle!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.19.58 AM

·Work. Virgos are amongst the hardest working. They are methodical and organized, when given a task they like to execute it perfectly. Always a planner, Virgos are excellent at saving money; but they love to splurge every once in a while on themselves! The perfect work outfit for a Virgo calls for something with structure. A cropped blazer and flared skirt will do perfectly.

How will you wear the look of the Virgo? Let us know!

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Transcending Style: 1900-1910

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The previous century had created everything from bustles to capes. But the ladies of the 20th century now chose to take a vow of simplicity in fashion. Clothing still had elaborate details, but fussy draping was being left behind for practicality. Women’s freedom was the issue of the decade, and their clothing was no different.

Here are some simple tips to incorporate the fashion of the 1900s into your closet:


·The 1900s began what is modern day work attire. A morning outfit for a privileged lady consisted of a “smart” blouse, plain, white, and buttoned-up–much like that of today. This was combined with an ankle length A-line silk skirt. Women wore this outfit to take care of chores in the morning. This is a classic look that can still be worn effortlessly today, try tucking your button-up into a tea-length or mini skirt to give your body more shape.


·When a lady returned home for lunch, she then changed into her afternoon dress. This was a simple dress with a natural waistline, always colorful, and perfect for lounging about on a summer day. Although we normally chop a few feet off the length of the gown, this look has definitely inspired dresses of today.

65.189.5_front 0002

·By the evening, you would then slip into your tea gown, with much relief. This was a free-flowing gown made for entertaining friends or lounging at home. Despite the tea gown’s relaxed fit, this outfit definitely had more detail on it than those worn earlier in the day. An elegant robe was usually included.


·Finally, by the end of the night you would don an evening dress. This one seemingly to have the most components of the day, including layers of ruffles and a sash around the waist. The delicate design of the evening dress has certainly inspired modern lingerie, with the same details being a focus.

These fashions were the true foundation for modern clothing, and that is why they are so wearable. Although we don’t recommend wearing four outfits a day, perhaps the fashions of the early 1900s can inspire you to leave the sweatpants behind for a day, and remember a true time of elegance. As a bonus tip, we suggest incorporating a classic hat into an outfit this week! Hats were a staple of the time, and they might just be the final touch you were missing to that perfect outfit! Let us know how you will transform these looks!

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The Best Summer-to-Fall Shoes

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Transitioning from season-to-season can leave a fashionista with a conundrum of when to leave summer shopping behind, and when to move forward with the falling of the leaves. But it doesn’t always have to be so cut and dry; I mean, would Lady GaGa wear fur in the summer? Of course she would. There’s always a little wiggle room, and we’ve compiled a list of the best transitional pieces for your feet right now!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.12.26 PM

·Ballet flats are always a classic. The style of the shoe is perfect for summer, while having them in a neutral or jewel-toned color will take you straight into fall and winter. An elegant bow or lace-up ties around the ankle are always a great touch too! Pair these with a fun dress or a wide-leg pair of denim!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.14.19 PM

·The wooden platform is a big shoe trend for 2016. You can find this style in an open toe sandal or closed toe mule. Alongside tan leather, this is a great transitional shoe! Wear it with your favorite pair of denim shorts in the summer or a maxi dress in the fall.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.18.11 PM

·The urban sneaker has been around for a while now. Adidas and Yeezys seem to rule the world. But this year the sneaker is taking a bit of a transformation. As seen at runway shows like Tommy Hilfiger and Alexander Wang, color is now a big part of this trend! And they’re adding a platform sole too. This is a casual shoe we love and it can literally become a part of any outfit in your wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.16.43 PM

·Ankle boots are most of our go-tos. They’re comfortable, and can definitely elevate an outfit. That’s something that hasn’t changed at all this year! So it’s the perfect time to add to your collection. Just about any style will be great for the rest of the year, but try a pair with great cut-outs to add flare to your look!

There are a lot of shoe styles that can be great year-round, this is just a few we love, so feel free to explore. Go to the mall and try on any pair that catches your eye, it’s a lot of fun and you might find a new style you love! A good tip to remember when looking for a transitional shoe is color! Stick with neutrals or deep reds and greens; those will take you straight through the end of winter! So what style will you be wearing this year? Let us know in the comments!

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Get the Look: Glamorous 1920s Makeup

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In beauty, there are times when certain makeup trends from previous centuries come back into existence which is why I decided to create an easy DIY for re-creating the perfect roaring 20s look.

Here are our tips to creating the perfect modern 1920s look:

· The Face. When creating the perfect 20s look, I begin with Yves Saint Laurent LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation SPF 19 $57. I apply two coats of foundation with my fingertips for more coverage and sheen. I tend to like to use my fingertips instead of a brush because it looks far more natural. If you use a liquid foundation brush or a sponge make sure use the rocking-rolling patting motion.

·My Professional Tip. When using a sponge, cut the corner of the sponge off because it helps foundation blend evenly into the skin.

For under my eyes I apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 by blending with my finger tips to cover unwanted dark circles.

For highlighting on my forehead and bridge of my nose, I blend TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 in with my fingertips which I also do when contouring. On my cheeks I lightly dust on Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer $50. For my contouring I use a darker shade of TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 on the tip and corners of my nose.

For my cheeks I use LE BLUSH CRÈME DE Chanel $38. I apply the blush over the apple of my cheeks with a blush brush or my fingertips. I suggest you use a small circular motion going slightly towards the ears.

·The Eyebrows – The 20s brow has more of a C shape and is very thin. I personally prefer my brows thicker as do many other women of today so instead of a prefect arch, just soften the arch in your brows.

·The Eyes. For the prefect eye, use the Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette $50. I begin by applying the “nectar” color over my entire lid. I then apply the color “truffle” on my entire lower part of my eyelid. Next, I apply the color “senna” in a V shape on the outer corner of the eye. I like to have the V shape come slightly above the middle crease of the eye or at least past the eyeball when looking straight. I also apply the “stone” color in a V shape blending to upper lash line and the lower lash line with a brush. To finish the eye, I use the “flirt” color on the brow bone and inner corner near the tear duct.

·My Professional Tip.  Lightly pat eyeshadow brush on eyes instead of stroking the brush because doing this will cause the eyeshadow powder to fall on your face messing up foundation.

·The Lips. To create the finishing look, I outline my lips with Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner in Raven $28 and I fill in my lips with Kat Von D Underaged Red Lipstick $21.

How would you wear your 1920s inspired makeup? Let us know!

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What to Wear on a Summer Date

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A Helpful Hint to All Men: Women love when you go out of your way to make an actual, fully planned, awesome date. Then you tell us what we’re doing, and when to be there. That just leaves us with the task of figuring out what to wear. Wether youre’re married, exclusive, or just dating; here are some simple date outfit ideas for every occasion:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.55.19 AM

·Starting early? Maybe you and your date are meeting for brunch on a Saturday morning. There are a number of ways to go with this one, but we love the idea of a crop top paired with a full skirt. This says nothing but class, summer, and of course, brunch! Remember to keep the colors bright and add a pair of classic sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.59.53 AM

·We all love to walk hand-in-hand with our date, and nothing says romance like a stroll in the park. For this we suggest a classic below the knee wrap dress in a fun print. Pair it with your most comfortable flats and a floppy hat to keep the sun out of your eyes!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.03.38 AM

·Getting active? Maybe your date opts for cute classic date ideas like mini golf, or regular golf? IDK. For this, wear a pair of cute shorts and a band tee! Keep it casual with a pair of white converse and natural makeup.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.06.23 AM

·Maybe you and your date are meeting for a nice dinner! This is the time to make a big statement. And does that quite like a statement necklace! A large neckpiece calls for a less fussy outfit–try pairing it with a solid jumpsuit. A very chic look.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.11.51 AM

·Going out? Definitely time to add some edge. Try out a black leather skirt, keep it classy with one that hits right above the knee; and add a tucked-in, printed, spaghetti strap top! This will keep you cool in the summer heat, and make you want to dance all night long.

Give these outfits a try and let us know what you think! What are your favorite summer date outfits? Tell us in the comments!

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