Transcending Style: 1920s

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The 1920s were easily one of the most revolutionary style periods in history. With women’s right to vote came women’s freedom to wear what she wanted. Ankles showing and all. Designers began creating new innovative pieces just to see what they could get away with, and the answer was quite a bit. The silhouette of the time was straight and flat, we all know of the flapper dresses of the roaring 20s and this was very typical to see worn amongst young urban women. This was truly the fashion world’s first ascension into the modern era.

The 1920s were defined by 3 waistlines, the drop waist, the natural waist, and the waistless. Here’s how to wear the look of the 1920s today:


·Loose clothing was all the rage during the 1920s. The idea was to have curves silhouettes, and the drop waist was a great way to emphasize that! No matter your size or shape, the drop waist gives the same look to every body type which emphasized their conservative femininity. Although highly popular, this look was pushed aside for a more defined waist toward the end of the decade. But today, the drop waist is a great way to be comfortable in a dress. Style it with some sneakers or a fun sandal and you’re ready for the day!


·Women’s wear became increasingly more feminine during the 20s. Women never left home without their gloves and for the first time, handbags that matched every outfit. Gabrielle Chanel was a major influence on this trend with her Parisian suits that every women has wanted to get her hands on ever since. Luckily, we can find the same style without the price today; but the best way to get the lady like look of the 20s is to splurge on the accessories! You would be surprised how much an amazing accessory can really elevate your entire outfit.


·The true flapper dress was straight, curve-less, and what else but, sparkly! This is the style we all remember of the 1920s. Often paired with a headband and a cigarette holder, this outfit is what truly transformed the future of fashion. From here, we had the pin-up, then the mod looks of the 60s, then the truly out-there looks of the 80s! It all starts somewhere, and the flapper girls of the 20s started quite a lot! Try a more understated version of the flapper dress by opting for a beaded mini dress with a short fringe hem line. A perfect look for a night out on the town!

You don’t always have to be going to a Halloween party to dress like the chicest women of the 1920s. Let us know how you’ll wear these looks!

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Find the Perfect Winter Jacket

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On Trend: Winter Coats

On Trend: Winter Coats by younghipchic featuring a wool coat

Here is a quick guide to find the perfect winter jacket.

Don’t wait until the cold of winter hits you! Think fast and use our quick guide to finding the perfect winter jacket:


Oversized Jackets are amazing for the cold season because it allows you to layer your clothing underneath effortlessly and without making you feel or look uncomfortable. We also love that the oversized jackets come in some really amazing styles, colors and lengths giving the buyer lots of versatility.

Long Wool Jackets are a must-have. No, we are not talking about your Grandma’s wool jacket; we are talking about one of the greatly chic jackets offered today! As you may know, wool is an incredibly warm material which keeps your natural warmth in and the cold out without compromising style.


Neutral colors are a favorite for many in the winter season because a winter jacket must be warn everyday so it has to be versatile. We really suggest you find materials that are comfortable and warm, like wools.


Stand out with style wearing a cowl neck sweater, blue jeans, oversized sweater, booties and matching gloves and hats for a runway ready look!

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The Fashion Horoscope: Scorpio

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il_570xN.466832527_q762Artwork Via: Eve Sand

It’s the month of the Scorpio! Find out how to dress just like one with these Scorpio-inspired outfits:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.16.42 PM

·Friends. A Scorpio is brutally honest, and this can make them a great friend. You always know a Scorpio truly has your back because they won’t lie to you and they will alway be dedicated and loyal. Scorpios are quick-witted and intelligent and aren’t afraid to show it! Always a smart dresser, the Scorpio doesn’t like to fuss about when getting ready, they’re all about the experiences that lie ahead! The perfect everyday outfit is a jean and blouse combo.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.24.40 PM

·Love. Scorpios are the most sensual of all the zodiac. They are extremely passionate and intimate, and will be dedicated when they fall in love. However, they aren’t quick to enter into a relationship and take the time needed to build trust and respect. Scorpios prefer to stay guarded and show it in their style be being more covered-up when going out. A metal choker is the perfect defense accessory any Scorpio can have!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.29.29 PM

·Work. Scorpios are great at problems solving. When a Scorpio sets a goal, there is no giving up. They have an innate ability to focus and they never mix business with friendships or relationships. With all the hard work they put into a project, they expect the same in return from others and have great respect for those that meet their standards. The work outfit for a Scorpio is put together and focused on the details. Prints like tweed or the combination of silk with ruffles are ways the Scorpio expresses their personality!

How will you wear the look of the Scorpio? Let us know!

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The Shoe You Have To Purchase This Season

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By the beginning of the 20th century, thigh high boots were already a major trend. Although they weren’t necessarily a fashion staple then, being hidden under floor-length gowns, they have certainly caught the attention of fashion’s biggest street style starlets this year. With new styles constantly being added to the shopping market, thigh high boots are definitely this fall’s biggest shoe trend.

Here’s how to wear them:


·Thigh high boots will always be sexy, but there’s no need to overdo it. Keep from taking your boots to a “Pretty Woman” level by showing just a small sliver of skin. This works great with a chic dress or skirt!


·Upgrade your knee length skirt by adding a thigh high boot. Styling them in this way adds a bit of intrigue to your outfit while still keeping it conservative and warm. With either an A-line or body-con fit skirt, this is a great trick to get away with wearing this trend to work!


·Nothing says fall like thigh high boots and a sweater dress! When it’s not cold enough to be decked out in a giant mink, use this outfit inspiration to keep with the season’s fashions, and keep cool at the same time. We also love the monochrome combination, definitely try matching boots to your outfit this fall.


·Upgrade your simple jean and tee shirt combo with a pair of thigh highs! Adding a colorful coat will make you major street style inspiration.

Cara Delevingne attends the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2015 Fashion Show at Perks Field, Kensington Gardens in London

·Our biggest tip is to not be afraid of unique colors and patterns! If you find a knock-out pair of thigh highs that you might not normally gravitate towards, push yourself to give it a try! This shoe style will match skirts and dresses in a way you never thought possible, so take the leap and try something new.

Let us know how you’ll be wearing thigh high boots this fall!

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Product Review: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

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Here’s a confession: I hate lotion. Yep, really. I can’t stand the wet sticky feeling I get every time I put it on, it’s like my body is drowning. Begrudgingly, though, I occasionally use it. But I’m always on the look-out for something that can take away my dry skin woes. So when I first heard about the new Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, I raced to my local grocery store to give it a try.

Here’s what happened:


·First, it was a difficult choice to choose what scent. They debuted the line with three–Green Tea Oil, Manoi Oil, and Coconut Oil. I typically like natural scents that are fresh and light. Mint, rosemary, and lavender are favorites of mine. So I can’t help to say that I was disappointed with the choices, the Manoi was very perfumie, something I’m definitely not a fan of, and the Coconut wasn’t a natural coconut scent, but more like a bath and body works coco butter lotion. I ended up opting for the Green Tea. It was the most natural smelling of the three, although still an artificial smell unfortunately.

·After purchasing, I came home and took as shower. I made sure to not wipe off any water before I put on the moisturizer. The product is thin, so it definitely glided across my wet skin when applied. My only complaint is that it’s difficult to tell how much you need to use since you’re entire body is wet. After I put on the product I patted my skin dry, got dressed, and went about my day.

·I have to say the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer is an amazing product. I’d love for some fresh scents, but as someone who can’t stand the sticky lotion feeling, this is a godsend! My skin feels moisturized, but in all honestly it doesn’t feel as smooth as if I actually put on a thick lotion. That being said, my normal habit was to put on lotion once every two weeks, where as I’ve used this 6 days in a row now. The ongoing benefits of this product are exciting, and more importantly, I’m excited to use it every time I hop in the shower!

Let us know what you think about the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer in the comments!

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Creating a Modern 1930s Makeup Look

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In beauty, there are times when certain makeup trends from previous centuries come back into existence which is why I decided to create an easy DIY for creating the perfect modern 1930s look.

Here are my tips:

·THE FACE. I begin with Yves Saint Laurent LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation SPF 19 $57. I apply two coats of foundation with my fingertips for more coverage and sheen. I tend to like to use my fingertips instead of a brush because it looks far more natural. If you use a liquid foundation brush or a sponge make sure to use a rocking-rolling patting motion.

·Profession Tip. When using a sponge, cut the corner of the sponge off because it helps foundation blend evenly into the skin.

For under my eyes I apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 by blending with my fingertips to cover unwanted dark circles.

For highlighting on my forehead and bridge of my nose, I blend TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 in with my fingertips which I also do when contouring. On my cheeks, I lightly dust on Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer $50. I also use LE BLUSH CRÈME DE Chanel $38 to brush over the apple of my cheeks. I use either a blush brush or my fingertips. I suggest you use a small circular motion going slightly towards the ears. For my contouring, I use a darker shade of TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 on the tip and corners of my nose.

·THE LIPS. To create the finishing look, I outline my lips with Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner in Raven $28 and I fill in my lips with Kat Von D Underaged Red Lipstick $21.

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Nail Trends For Fall

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Fall nails are typically understated, dark, and merely the sidekick to your fashion. But this season, your nails are your best accessory. The fall 2016 runways were full of true reds, blues, yellows, greens, and just about every other color you can think of. They were used as a matching accessory to the clothing with the hues matching nearly to a science.

Take a look at how to wear the colorful nails of the season:


·Go all-in on the trend and let out your inner Pop Punk Princess. Use your nails as a vivid contrast against your clothing to really make them stand out!


·Match your clothing to your nails, literally. Many designers are creating their own nail polish lines that match directly to their items (Hello Christian Louboutin!), and because of this you can find the items to match! Even if you’re not looking to splurge on designer threads, you can find items to match because these designers set color as well as style trends!


·Use blank space to your advantage! Even if you don’t want to go all-out with the bright colors, you can still put this trend to good use! Try adding a randomized dot on each nail, or even a few artistic brush strokes from the base to the tip. This is definitely a fun way to dress your nails.


·To keep your nails subtle, try mixing in one of your favorite fall colors. Blacks, purples, even deep reds can work with this; just keep them matte or shimmer-free to stay true to the trend.

How will you incorporate bright nails into your fall wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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