Product Review: T3 BodyWaver

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Our last product review came with great success. We tried out the T3 Hot Rollers, and love them. So we thought, why not give the old fashioned curling iron by the same company a try! Like the rollers, the T3 BodyWaver ($149) comes with new technologies. Most traditional curling irons have a single heating rod that runs through the middle of the barrel. The problem with this? It can distribute heat unevenly throughout the iron. The great technology behind the BodyWaver is that it has a coil in the center of the barrel, which promises to give even curls; and protect your hair from over styling.

Here’s what happened when we tried out the T3 BodyWaver:

·Our first testee was ___, age 25. She described her hair as long, fine, and thick. This was her first time using the T3 BodyWaver, and she did’t leave very satisfied. ____ followed the instructions to a T, curling the hair “piece by piece,” but didn’t get the curl she was looking for. ____ said she wasn’t sure if she would ever recommend the product to their friends, and that she was very unlikely to purchase again.

With the success of the hot rollers from the same company, we thought, maybe this product just isn’t meant for thick hair? So we tried it out again.

·The second testee was ___, she has fine and thin hair. It was also her first time using the T3 BodyWaver. She was really looking for an easy way to add volume to her hair, with a bit of loose curl. Unfortunately, ____ didn’t get what she was looking for either. Her complaints were that the curls didn’t hold, and the barrel was too big for her shorter hair. ____ doesn’t think she would recommend the product to anyone else, and she definitely wouldn’t buy it again herself.

Moral of the story I suppose is that new technologies aren’t always better. The coiled heating rod was meant to protect your hair from damage; but if it can’t curl it either, what’s the point? We recommend to everyone, stick with your standard curling iron to get the look you’re really wanting.

Have you found an amazing curling iron? Or have you had a bad experience? Tell us about it in the comments!

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The Fashion Horoscope: Pisces

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il_570xN.466820320_jq1xArtwork Via: Eve Sand

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·Friends. Pisces can be the best friends you will every have. Among the most caring and gentle of people, they often put the needs of their friends above their own. They are deeply intuitive and know when something is wrong, and they aren’t afraid to express it. Communication with loved ones is deeply important to the Pisces. A Pisces everyday look should express their simplistic lifestyle without too much frivolity. Jeans and a sweater are the perfect look for this personality.

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·Love. Pisces are natural romantics with their loyal and unconditionally generous personalities. Pisces love to be passionate and feel a deep connection with their significant others. The colors of the Pisces are purple and green, which is no wonder for this type of romantic person. A perfect date night outfit is one that really conveys that, bright pops of color with flowing movement highlights what it really means to be a Pisces.

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·Work. Pisces dream of the best life possible, they use their creative skills when it comes to their career and often choose a career that helps others. A Pisces will break beyond boundaries to make changes that benefit others, especially they don’t give money too much thought. Typically, the want for positive change and humanitarian dream outweigh the need for material goods in the mind of the Pisces. A Pisces work look isn’t too fussy, it is bold but allows them to complete any project necessary. Palazzo pants are the perfect style for the on-the-go woman, and comfortable shoes with a sporty edge are a great addition.

How will you wear the looks of the Pisces? Let us know!

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The History of Shoes: 1960s

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History of Shoes: The changing times of 1960s.

7f11e6450adb579d821c28f37f46524eWe have made our way through the Victorian/Edwardian Times (1901-1910), the Titanic/Pre-World War I Era (1910-1919), the Roaring 20s (1920-1929) and today we begin the history of shoes during the Great Depression (1929–1939), the 1940s, the 1950s and now we are ready to hurdle the ‘60s.


During the 60’s the dance called the “Twist” was the entire rave. People where having lots of fun and thanks to people like Dick Clark and the “American Bandstand”, people were in love with dancing! In order to dance, people had to have comfortable shoes that would not reap havoc on their twinkle toes.images-1

Mature women wore the stiletto and slip on heels because they were ideal for working or entertaining at home. The youth were excited to pull out the “go-go” boots with their miniskirts and dance the latest craze. The designs of the boots began with loose plastic or plain leather but eventfully they morphed into clinging treated textiles.


b1eebe8d2a544eb25879c54195339f11Although many classic designs were still offered, men saw a big change in shoe during the 60s with the addition of ankle boots with square Cuban heels/Beatle boots along with lots of suede color choices.

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HOW-TO: Easy Tips to Apply Mascara

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Mascara has historically been used for women not only as a way to enhance their beauty, but to also to ward off bad spirits and ill-wishers. Women are always looking for an easy way to apply the mascara without clumps and we have found an easy application for your beauty regimen that’s as simple as 1-2-3.

  • When applying mascara, look down and at the tip of the lash and begin applying the mascara in a rocking (back and forth motion) slowing working you way down to the base of eyelid. This will give you the fullness effect.
    • For a clump-less application, when removing the wand from the mascara tube, always use the side walls of the tube to wipe off excess mascara. Another great tip to stop the clumps is to pat off the tip of the mascara wand with a Kleenex.
  • Clumpy lashes? Clean the spoolie (a disposable mascara wand) by slowly brushing them from tip to base. With the excess mascara, wipe it off on a clean tissue until you have the desired look.
  • ALWAYS keep you mascara brushes clean.
  • COOL BONUS TIP: Accomplish a really cool eyeliner effect without using liner by taking your mascara and applying at the base of you lashes, slightly touching your lid. Rock back and forth in this position letting the mascara color your lid line. The more you touch your lid the darker it becomes.

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Quick History of Nails: 1990s

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Take a look at the quick history of nails: 1990s.

In the 1990s, women were all about their business and their sense of fashion reflected their business minds especially their nails.  Women were no longer interested in bold artsy nails. They were looking for a more professional look. While hip-hop artists like Lil’ Kim were encasing dollar bills in acrylic, some men and women were influenced by the grungy style of all black nails.

imagesThe Style

There were two extremely different nail trends happening in the 90s: the completely natural trend and thanks to the heavy grunge influence, the dark colors became desirable.

The Grunge Trendmia-wallace

Men and women in the 90s began to paint their nails in dark nail polishes, especially black (and sometimes dark purple). Many celebrities could be seen wearing the darker shades.

2011-02-20-20-40-06-2-the-actress-shows-off-her-iconic-the-rachelThe Natural Trend

After the wildly artistic nails of the 80s, women became interested in keeping their nails healthy which began the natural trend with little to no nail polish being applied.

Although the beauty trends of the 90s were quite simple, some colors that made their way into style were: reds, nudes and even pinks but the nail polish that was really making a statement was the “Mood Nail Polish” a.k.a. “P.M.S. Nail Polish”.

The Rise of P.M.S. Nail Polish tumblr_l9q4n9hu0w1qb5p4yo1_500

In 1998, American Jenai Lane designed new heat-activated nail polishes, “The P.M.S.–Polish Mood Shades” which was created to change color according to the mood of the wearer. Jenai explained: “I was disturbed by the fact that women are always being accused of PMSing, so I decided to take the negative names that women are often called and give them positive meanings.”

The P.M.S. nail polish really gained lot of popularity during the time with A-List celebrities wearing it including, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and even Madonna!

Other great inventions and milestones in the beauty industry included:

  • 1992 – Moon Manicure was highly popular.
  • 1994 – UV light-curable monomer liquid and acrylic powder hit the market.
  • 1995 – MMA became prohibited from nail use because of its damaging qualities. It was later replaced with EMA which was safer to use by professionals.
  • 1999 – CoverGirl introduced a line of polishes called Crackle Lacquers that created a broken-glass effect on nails.

What history do you have about beauty? Share with us.

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