Transcending Style: 1960s

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The prosperity of the 1950s created a structured society and in the 1960s society decided to break free. It was the time of the British invasion, and it didn’t stop at The Beatles. In this decade the hem line for women rose to unthinkable new heights, bright swirling colors took over, and the London look was born.

Here’s how to translate the fashion of the 1960s into your wardrobe today:


·The mini skirt was born in the 1960s. First introduced by designer Mary Quant, it didn’t take long before every it girl was wearing the style. With this came the mini and shift dresses too. The look was all about embracing your inner child and having fun with your wardrobe! This is a great look for everyday, pair your mini dress with natural hair and a great cat eye to complete the look!


·The most popular patterns of the 60s were geometric shapes. Circle jewelry, striped color blocked dresses and kaleidoscopic squares were all the rage. Look for these repeating shapes when creating a 1960s inspired outfit.


·The colors were loud in the 60s. Primary red, yellow, green, orange and blue were very popular. And it went further than just the clothing; jewelry and makeup were used as other forms of self expression through color! Along with the cat eye, bright eyeshadows were worn by every fashion girl. A great translation of this today is adding a youthful streak of color to your hair! No need to commit with the whole thing, it’s all about adding just a little bit of edge.

How will you translate the style of the 1960s into your wardrobe? Let us know!

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Creating a Modern 1990s Makeup Look

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The grungy end to the millennium extended beyond the flannel tied around everyone’s waist. Although there were many subcultures in the social hierarchy of the 1990s, just about every beauty trends involves a grunge look. 90s makeup was about rebellious color, but applied with restraint. Dark lips were common and came with an attitude that matched.

Here’s how to get the look:


·The Face.  The face of the 1990s was very natural. Contouring wasn’t popular at this time, it was all about having an innocent face with rosy cheeks. That being said, it was a trend to use foundation lighter than your skin to create a goth-esque look. We suggest using a powder, covering the entire face to copy the natural look of the 90s.

Angelina Jolie at a Screening of HBO's "Gia"

·The Eyes.  Let’s start from the top, eyebrows were tiny, super tiny. Although over plucked eyebrows offer an interesting look, we suggest using a light powder filler and brush them up for a natural look today. Now, working our way down, eyeliner definitely took a backseat this decade. We suggest a thin layer only on the upper eye following the natural line. Don’t go quite the extent of Angelina’s look in the 90s, but add a bit of blue eyeshadow on the lid to complete the look.


·The Lips. Dark, matte lips were seen everywhere. This was the ultimate grunge statement, the best way to say, “I don’t care.” This is a look that’s very easy to copy, matte lips are huge right now, just ask a Kardashian. Any drug store will have that perfect dark brown lipstick to complete your 90s look.

How will you wear the makeup of the 1990s? Let us know!

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The Fashion Horoscope: Aries

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il_570xN.466144066_9h8vArtwork Via: Eve Sand

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.25.28 PM

·Friends. Aries are constantly on the go. They love new activities, and have a variety of friends. They keep a wide range of personalities around them to keep them entertained and intrigued. Aries often have a large group of close friends, and has a different relationship with them all, but the one thing they always have in common is their energetic and adventurous nature. Express your adventurous side with a ready-to-go look. Sportswear is your spirit outfit, it lets you go where you want everyday with ease.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.32.38 PM


·Love. As a fire sign, Aries love to flirt and will often be the first to initiate romance! They are very expressive with their love, giving excess affection consistently. Aries love to be passionate and adventurous in their love lives. They are thrill-seekers and want to bring the excitement! Go saucy on your next date, Aries. A little red dress will represent your sign, and never steer you wrong in expressing your love for your significant other. Stay classic and classy with black accessories.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.39.00 PM

·Work. Work is where an Aries really shines. Aries love to express their creative side in a productive way. They are a born leader and are always one step ahead of the competition. When faced with a challenge, an Aries will quickly devise a solution and order it into action. Aries love to spend their earnings on traveling and shopping. Aries are too expressive for the constrictive pant suit. Opt for a more causal look for work with a classic white tee and skinny jeans. Let people know your in charge with some killer heels.

How will you wear the looks of the Aries? Let us know!

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Beauty Ingredients That Go Beyond Trends

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There are a ridiculous amount of beauty products in the world. And we want to try them all! But too many times we have bought products that we later realize were a complete waste of money. They’re trendy, we’re excited, but then they don’t work! It’s time to leave the frustration behind, though and embrace the beauty products that actually have facts to back them up.

We did our research, and we found the 4 beauty ingredients that are sure to not disappoint:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.31.55 AM

·Coconut Oil. It’ll remove your makeup, moisturize your hair, and soothe your skin. Coconut oil is the base ingredient for many beauty products on the market today. The oil is great because it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, it in fact soothes it. The high fat concentration is known to cure dry skin and helps with anti-aging. It can even prevent protein loss in the hair.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.33.15 AM

·Vitamin C. Not the most exotic ingredient, vitamin c can be found in most things you eat! But the applied to the skin, it promotes the production of collagen as well as expanding scar tissue. By doing so vitamin c is a must-have anti aging ingredient. In addition to your moisturizer, look for a nail strengthener with vitamin c, it will keep potential hang-nails at bay.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.34.36 AM

·Green Tea. You don’t necessarily have to drink green tea to reap the benefits of its purifying properties. Anti-bacterial agents can be found in green tea that help ward off acne. When used topically, the product fights off pollutants found in the skin from the environment, what you eat, and even hormonal changes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.35.51 AM

·Turmeric (Curcuminoids). The yellow spice found in your Indian curry is nature’s great anti-inflammatory. Products with turmeric will help heal red and rashed skin, as well as keep bacteria at bay. Turmeric is a great skin regenerator you will love if you have dry scalp, stretch marks, or acne.

Look for these products in your daily beauty routine line-up. Or even try adding them to your favorite DIY facial mask. They will help keep your skin moisturized, healthy, and young! Let us know what you think!

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The History of Shoes: 1970s

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images-1History of Shoes: The changing times of 1970s.

We have made our way through the Victorian/Edwardian Times (1901-1910), the Titanic/Pre-World War I Era (1910-1919), the Roaring 20s (1920-1929) and today we begin the history of shoes during the Great Depression (1929–1939), the 1940s, the 1950s, 1960s, and now for the funky 1970s.


Disco, platforms, and glitter are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of the 70s and nothing describes this decade more than the word “free”. Freedom was offered in art, fashion, beauty. Shoes were definitely a focal point of fashion as they were made with the most fun, crazy and creative heels.images-2

Women now had the freedom to choose shoes to fit their style whether it be flats, stilettos, wedges, boots or clogs.

The most popular style during this time was platform heels which could be found with loads of style options and colors making them a must-have for all!






Although many classic designs were still offered, men began wearing platform heels, especially boots for extra height.

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Turning Your Daytime Makeup into a Perfect Nighttime Look

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Read my guide to turning daytime makeup into a perfect nighttime look.

If you are a busy lady like me, you may not always have time to redo your makeup once you are on the go which is why I created this tutorial to teach you how to turn your daytime makeup into a perfect nighttime look.


To freshen up my look I use Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer $36. I then apply two coats of Dolce & Gabbana Luminous ($62) using my fingertips to blend it evenly to my skin.

For under my eyes I apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 by blending with my fingertips.

For highlighting on my forehead and bridge of my nose, I blend TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 in with my fingertips which I also do when contouring. To really give a nice arch on my nose I also use Kevyon Accoin Celestial Powder in Candle Light or Starlight ($44) on bridge of my nose. For my contouring I use a darker shade of TOUCHE ÉCLAT $42 on the tip and corners of my nose.

To get the perfect nighttime skin, I apply Marc Jacobs O! Mega Bronzer ($49) with a powder brush around my hairline and lightly around my face. For a glowing look, I dust Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer $50 on my cheeks right above the bronzer. I also tap the tip of the nose with a fan brush as well as my forehead.

For my cheeks I use LE BLUSH CRÈME DE Chanel $38. I apply the blush over the apple of my cheeks with a blush brush or my fingertips.


I simply comb brows upward using the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil $21. I apply using small strokes and then I blend in with the attached wand.


I apply Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Shadow $24 on my entire lid, then I use Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Shadow $59 on the crease of the eye.


To create the finishing look, I outline my lips with Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner in Raven $28 and I fill in my lips with Kat Von D Underaged Red Lipstick $21.

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Transcending Style: 1950s

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The economic boom of the 1950s made room for some serious fashion enhancements. The consumer driven market wanted a new look, and designers like Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga were happy to oblige. Everyone embraced everything from grandiose full skirts, to shorts and short sleeves for everyday.

 Here’s how to translate the looks of the 1950s to your wardrobe today:


·In the 50s, Christian Dior’s “New Look” took off and became a major tend. It was all about a cinched waist emphasized by a pronounced bust and a billowing skirt. This brought back some of the undergarments from the 1800s, including petticoats and corsets. This is a super wearable look today; just throw on your favorite tea length skirt, a body hugging top, and cinch it all together with a belt!


·When you think of style in the 50s, nothing comes to mind like the full circle skirt. This look was very popular among common women. Often worn with the kitten heel that was very fashionable at the time. You can recreate this look with a similar style skirt, we suggest you opt for a toned-down color and print to keep it modern!

·By the 1950s, women were pulling on pants everyday to go to work in factories. This offered them a new freedom and comfort which no doubt was translated into their everyday wardrobe. They wore everything from tight knit slacks to oversized pants for a casual yet chic style. You can definitely recreate the look with flowing palazzo trousers today, add a simple top tied at the waist for an authentic beachside look.

How will you translate the fashion of the 1950s into your wardrobe? Let us know!

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