The History of Makeup: 1980s

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tumblr_lvau7u6mOD1qh5mm2o1_500Let’s take a look at the History of Makeup: 1980s.

With heavy music influences like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, makeup of the 80s was bright, colorful, fun and at times super heavy. Women of the 80s were confident individuals and it could be seen in their fashionable suits and bright makeup. Cosmetic companies were coming out with brighter eyeshadow palettes because the more colors the better became the mindset.

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FACE: Unlike the previous decade, the face was completely covered with thick foundation and set by powder.  The biggest trend during this time was blush! For the cheeks, women heavily applied different shades of blush (coral, pink, bronze or red) on an angle atop the hollows of the cheek, and all the way to the temples and sometimes even on the arches.

BROWS: Women opted for a thicker eyebrow than the years before.

EYES:  Women were making very bold choices in eyeshadow with bright colors of blue, fuchsia, turquoise and even neon colors. Whether it was a single color or a mix of the rainbow, eyes were a really important part of makeup. Dark and thick eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash lines along with mascara really made the eyes dramatic.

LIPS:  Bright colors were very popular in lipsticks especially glossy pinks, reds, oranges and fuchsia.

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The History of Shoes: 1980s

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History of Shoes: The changing times of 1970s.

e2164d79fa8b46b1ada9a2ed1737ee5fWe have made our way through the Victorian/Edwardian Times (1901-1910), the Titanic/Pre-World War I Era (1910-1919), the Roaring 20s (1920-1929) and today we begin the history of shoes during the Great Depression (1929–1939), the 1940s, the 1950s, 1960s, the 1970s and now for the 80s.


Money was flowing and women were finally taking top positions in the corporate world. The reflection of their corporate status was reflected in clothing and their shoes. To accompany their professional suits, women looked for shoes that looked professional and stylish. One shoe that became really sought after was the sling-back shoe with pointed toe and slender kitten heel.

For the everyday woman, pointed toe ankle boots and sneakers were the go to!


imgresBack to the classic shoe, men stuck with the great designs of the Oxford, Brogue, and the loafer in black and brown.

For the everyday men, Manolo Blahnik’s and name brand sneakers were a must-have.

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Transcending Style: 1980s

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The 80s were the age of music! This was translated into every article of clothing from the punks to the rock n’ rollers to the Madonna wannabes. New styles included shoulder pads, harsh leathers, and electric colors. Activewear and denim became part of everyday wear for the first time. Whenever someone says “80s party,” you jump up and put on your leg warmers and headband. But what about translation the 80s IRL?

Here’s how to get a modern 80s look:


·Did someone say let’s get physical? The bodysuit was a staple of the athletic look for women in the 1980s. Typically paired with tights and leg warmers in bright colors. Luckily, the body suit is everywhere this season! Stick with darker colors and you can wear a bodysuit just like they did back in the day. Pair with a light colored mom jean for a totally 80s look.


·Denim was a mainstay in the 80s. No matter the colors or pattern(can you say acid wash?), women and men wore Canadian tuxedos on a daily basis. This look was typically oversized, but we suggest to stick with a fitted jacket to make a wearable outfit–although the mom jean can totally work here too!


·Shoulder pads were one of the most memorable trends of the 80s. It was all about the emphasized shoulders combined with a tiny waist. An exact translation of the shoulder pad definitely isn’t trending right now, but there are ways to still incorporate the idea into your wardrobe! Try ruffles instead of padding, ruffled arms are definitely in, and can be the added statement you needed for a simple top.

Trends of the 1980s are definitely back in their own, toned-down way. Try to incorporate these outfit ideas into your wardrobe! Let us know how you would wear it!

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Quick History: The Invention of False Eyelash Strips

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Eyelashes play a huge role in the routine of women who wear makeup. Similar to placing on accessories to a finished outfit, false eyelashes are used to give your makeup look the perfect finishing touches.  But when were these eye accessories created?

Here is a quick look into the invention of false eyelash strips and its raise to popularity:

  • Although not confirmed, American cinema director, David W. Griffith was said to have created the glamorous eyelash strips. In 1916, Griffith used false lashes to give his actresses the desired “fluttering” eyes for his silent movie, “Intolerance, Love’s Struggle Through the Ages”. He wanted the “eyelashes brushing the actress’s cheeks” look. Since then, Hollywood productions all had long lashes and it later became popular on everyday women.
  • The most popular star to wear false eyelashes was actress, Seena Owen.
  • False eyelashes reached popularity in the 1930s, which was also when Maybelline launched their 10 cent mascara. Another popular time for long fake lashes were in the 1960s with the popularity of models including British sensation Twiggy.

What are your thoughts on false eyelashes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Transcending Style: 1970s

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The 1970s were the first major decade of individuality. Although the style was typically tight on top and loose on the bottom, there wasn’t one “look” that everyone was wearing, they were numerous. Divisions in music, tv, and art were apparent. This created the major divisions of the hippie, the disco, and the continuation of glamour wear.

Here’s how to translate the look of the 1970s into your wardrobe today:


·The hippie look was all about being natural. Natural hair with little to no makeup, and natural fabrics like leather and cotton. The 70s were a time of youth revolt and this was just another statement to make. They were protesting for their freedoms as young people and worked to promote peace, their clothing had elements of this featuring flowers and peace signs.

Hawryluk.1970s Fashion.Cover_

·The disco look was big and bright! Lots of different textures were incorporated into the outfits, fur and sparkles added an extra touch. One of the most iconic parts of this look were the go-go boots. Add these to your favorite mini dress and you’ll be taking 70s fashion head-on!

Women's Street Fashions in the Early 1970s (8)

·The fashion industry actually took a bit of a back seat in the 1970s. They continued on with casual looks — mini skirts, flared pants, and polyester everything. The look was colorful and fun, this outfits were worn everyday by ordinary people. When recreating this look think “preppy girl,” lots of skirts and polos with extended collars are a great start!

How will you incorporate these looks into your everyday wardrobe? Let us know!

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Is It A Good Idea To Stop Polishing Your Nails?

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Nail polish and nail art has always been one of the favorite beauty regimens and accessories for women and a wonderful pastime to bond with other women while treating themselves to a little life luxury.

While the finished product is always beautiful, what is the effect on the nails after wearing polish for 7-14 days? In most cases, nails will become yellow and brittle. Is this enough to make women minimize the amount of times that they wear polish? Should women stop wearing nail polish completely?

These questions have been posed several times in the beauty industry and many women will continue to have their nails polished regardless of the affects.

Here are a few tips that can help you maintain healthy and gorgeous nails.

  • Know the importance of using a base coat. In a recent article we posted, wearing a base coat can make the difference of between discolored nails and healthy pink nails. (find link)
  • Know when your nails are too dry. If you leave your nail polish on your nails too long you will often see white spots and or peeling which can lead to yellowing and brittle nails. The best way to remedy the nails is to moisturize them. Try placing olive oil on your hands for the best results.
  • Fix slightly yellowish nails. If you nails are slightly yellow, you can remove it by buffing nails. (Add Elluminize quick buffing technique)
  • Keep your nails healthy underneath the polish. You should always keep your nails healthy underneath the polish by moisturizing and properly cleaning you cuticles. Read about how to care for cuticles. 

What do you think? Is it a good idea to stop polishing your nails? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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