Transcending Style: 1980s

May 16, 2017 § Leave a comment

The 80s were the age of music! This was translated into every article of clothing from the punks to the rock n’ rollers to the Madonna wannabes. New styles included shoulder pads, harsh leathers, and electric colors. Activewear and denim became part of everyday wear for the first time. Whenever someone says “80s party,” you jump up and put on your leg warmers and headband. But what about translation the 80s IRL?

Here’s how to get a modern 80s look:


·Did someone say let’s get physical? The bodysuit was a staple of the athletic look for women in the 1980s. Typically paired with tights and leg warmers in bright colors. Luckily, the body suit is everywhere this season! Stick with darker colors and you can wear a bodysuit just like they did back in the day. Pair with a light colored mom jean for a totally 80s look.


·Denim was a mainstay in the 80s. No matter the colors or pattern(can you say acid wash?), women and men wore Canadian tuxedos on a daily basis. This look was typically oversized, but we suggest to stick with a fitted jacket to make a wearable outfit–although the mom jean can totally work here too!


·Shoulder pads were one of the most memorable trends of the 80s. It was all about the emphasized shoulders combined with a tiny waist. An exact translation of the shoulder pad definitely isn’t trending right now, but there are ways to still incorporate the idea into your wardrobe! Try ruffles instead of padding, ruffled arms are definitely in, and can be the added statement you needed for a simple top.

Trends of the 1980s are definitely back in their own, toned-down way. Try to incorporate these outfit ideas into your wardrobe! Let us know how you would wear it!

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