The History of Shoes: 1980s

May 25, 2017 § Leave a comment

History of Shoes: The changing times of 1970s.

e2164d79fa8b46b1ada9a2ed1737ee5fWe have made our way through the Victorian/Edwardian Times (1901-1910), the Titanic/Pre-World War I Era (1910-1919), the Roaring 20s (1920-1929) and today we begin the history of shoes during the Great Depression (1929–1939), the 1940s, the 1950s, 1960s, the 1970s and now for the 80s.


Money was flowing and women were finally taking top positions in the corporate world. The reflection of their corporate status was reflected in clothing and their shoes. To accompany their professional suits, women looked for shoes that looked professional and stylish. One shoe that became really sought after was the sling-back shoe with pointed toe and slender kitten heel.

For the everyday woman, pointed toe ankle boots and sneakers were the go to!


imgresBack to the classic shoe, men stuck with the great designs of the Oxford, Brogue, and the loafer in black and brown.

For the everyday men, Manolo Blahnik’s and name brand sneakers were a must-have.

What do you know about the shoe era? For more style visit,


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