Transcending Style: 1990s

June 8, 2017 § Leave a comment

Fashion of the 1990s truly transformed what we wear today. It was the true time casual clothing had a cult following through new minimalist trends. Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers were an everyday look, but the 90s incorporated many other prints and styles to create this ‘casual chic’ look.

Here’s how to get a 1990s look today:


·The biggest trends of the 1990s stemmed from the fabrics in use. Matching your top with your bottoms in a corresponding print was really popular. Everything from army print, to leopard, and plaid! You can incorporate these looks into your everyday wardrobe by taking your simple seats and t-shirt look and adding a pop of print with a coat, jacket, or plaid flannel!


·The 90s were the first decade to truly embrace athletic wear as a daily look. Spaghetti strap tops, jogging pants, and pony tails were brought to the forefront of fashion! This is something you already wear today! A great pair of printed leggings with a crop top or sweater is definitely a 90s inspired look.


·There was an obvious trend in the 90s of coordinating with your girls squad. But even today Beyoncé doesn’t wear the same outfit as her dancers. But there is another trend we can take from all those girl groups–it’s the embracement of the midriff. Decades earlier this would have been unthinkable, but the 90s weren’t afraid to show a little skin. You can always incorporate a simple crop top into your wardrobe for a 90s flair.

How would you wear fashion of the 90s today? Let us know!

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