The History of Makeup: 1990s

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Let’s take a look at the History of Makeup: 1990s.

Jennifer-Aniston-February-11-1969-American-actress-gained-popularity-in-the-1990s-for-portraying-Rachel-Green-on-Friends-a-role-that-earned-her-an-Emmy-Award-a-Golden-Globe-Award-and-a-Screen-Actors-Guild-award.With the major popularity of beautiful thin models like Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell, the 1990s could easily be considered the decade of the supermodel. With the Kate Moss, “waif look” or super skinny model look, the fashion and beauty industry was once again experiencing a change. No longer was the bright and colorful “in” like the 80s.  Women were looking to have a sexy model-esque look with a love for neutral colors and lots of contouring.


  • Popular makeup brands, Stila, Urban Decay and Hard Candy were created during this time. 61-EXoYGsvL._SY355_
  • In 1989, Clinique re-released the Black Honey Almost Lipstick which became a major buy during the 90s. The sheer gloss was named due to its black appearance in the stick but its sheer gloss-like look when applied.
  • In 1994 iconic makeup artist, Kevyn Aucoin released his book “The Art of Makeup” and in 1997 his second book, “Making Faces” gained him the #1 spot on the New York Times best-seller’s list.
PRETTY WOMAN, Julia Roberts, 1990

PRETTY WOMAN, Julia Roberts, 1990


FACE: Foundation really came a long way which made it possible for women to match their face with their skin tone. Women used matte foundation to cover their faces and finished their looks with a matte neural blush/bronze power to enhance cheekbones. Contouring was definitely a key factor during this time.

BROWS: Eyebrows were not exempt to the love of contouring. To create a neat look, cream shade was applied with a fluffy brush right on the brow bone, underneath the arch. The look was then finished with combing and coloring/shaping with a brow pencil.

EYES:  Due to the love of the natural look, earth-tones were must-haves. To achieve the look, matte brown palettes of beige, black, and eggplant were purchased and applied to create the perfect smoky eye along with simple eyeliner and mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

LIPS:  Popular shades of lipsticks were matte reds, mauve, plum, browns, and dark berry colors which was applied along with a soft brown lip liner.

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