This is THE Lingerie Inspired Dress

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It’s the slinky little things that are what life is all about. We’ve been looking for our perfect slip dress for a while. Something not too naked, but not too grandma-esque either. While shopping online at the newest (and best) clothing store, Electric Moda, we came across this baby:


·It’s the Flow Dress from our dreams. This piece retails for $135 and is worth every penny.


·This slip dress has just the right mixture of sheer, plunge, strappy, and slit. Not to mention, it fits every curve to perfection. The best thing about Electric Moda is all their pieces are anti-static, and eco-friendly!

Electric Moda is having a huge sale right now so head over here, and get your Flow on today!

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Ruffles Are In

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We have been a bit skeptical of the newest ruffle trend as seen on the runways from designers like Valentino and Alexander McQueen. But we decided this week to set our fears aside and dive in head-first. We wanted something simple, elegant, and that we could wear out somewhere other than a grand ball from the 1800s.

While shopping at our newest online clothing store, Electric Moda, we came across this piece:


This is their dress called Zest. And what a fitting name it is! This piece made me feel like I should be in New York City waiting for all the street style photographers to snap pictures of me practically doing nothing. Essentially, it gave me a new-found zest for life!


·I love every curve-hugging bit of this dress. And the great flow in the shoulder detail when I walk. It’s the perfect attention grabbing date night look.


·The best thing about Electric Moda is all their clothing is anti-static and eco-friendly.

Electric Moda is having a big sale right now so head this way and find your zest!

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Transcending Style: 1800s

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The 1800s was a variable time in history in America, as well as across the world. Countries were fighting for freedom, privilege, and power. It’s safe to say that through all this, the countries were too trying to find themselves; and the fashion was no different. Throughout the century, styles shifted from lingerie inspired silk gowns to the puffiest shoulders, to structured military-esque silhouettes.

Here’s your how-to guide on translating these styles into your 2016 wardrobe.


·Fashion in the first two decades of the 19th century mimicked those of ancient Grecian robes, with fluid drapery and classical empire waistlines. This was a time of simplicity and comfort in fashion; fabrics were typically white and lightweight, and underpinnings were corset-free. Designers today are inspired by the fabrics and leisure of the looks, there has been an obvious translation from this into the lingerie inspired styles of today. By morphing the youthful puff-sleve shoulders to a typical spaghetti strap, and adding romantic pops of color, you can wear styles from the early 1800s today.


·The mid-nineteenth century was definitely one of more frivolity. Sleeves were taken to the extremes of puffiness, dropping all the way to the elbow. And the skirts became fuller too, petticoats were now commonplace and the latest fashion. Due to all the extra fluff, new forms of outerwear were created. This marked the beginnings of the cloak and cape as we know them today. The 2016 fashion shows mimicked this style to a T. Alexander McQueen collection was the essence of femeninity with long floral gowns dropping to the floor. The fashion houses of J.W. Anderson and Fendi took note of the extra arm candy, and created sleeves almost identical to the time.


·The dresses of the late 1800s were beginning to take a more structured shape. The bustle, an undergarment that accentuated the back of a women’s dress, was back due to popular demand. At this time, richer colors started to be used-deep greens, ruby reds, and navy blues were predominant; and thicker fabrics like velvet, satin, and wool became mainstream. This was a time of tight fittings, high necks and arguably prudish looks. Although fashion today isn’t so conservative, the late 1800s inspired the fabric trends that have recently taken flight. Full velvet dresses are a new staple for the year and can be found in a variety of cuts.

There you have it! Your quick guide to translating fashion from the 1800s to your 2016 closet. What transcendent trend will you be wearing this year? Let us know in the comments!

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We’re always on the look-out for exciting new clothing brands! This week we found one that just opened with the cutest clothes. Electric Moda might just be beginning, but their classic summer pieces show that they have a long way to go.


·Our absolute favorite is the Electric Romper. This woven fabric design will definitely brighten up all of our summer wardrobes!


·The plunging V-Neck is sure to flatter any chest while the open and strappy criss-cross back adds a bit of playfulness to the piece.


·The best thing about Electric Moda is all of their well made pieces are anti-static, and eco-friendly.

Electric Moda is having a big sale right now so hurry over and get your Electric Romper here!

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PEP Jumpsuit

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I love a good jumpsuit, but sometimes they can be difficult to wear. There’s a lot of bunching situations you have to think about when purchasing a jumpsuit. But I think a new online clothing store, Electric Moda, has sent an answer to my prayers.


·While shopping, I came across their Pep Jumpsuit. I fell in love with the hidden zipper in the front and had to buy it!


·To my surprise this jumpsuit fit perfectly! And I love the color. But the best surprise was the material it was made of. It was thick, but not too thick. It was like a jumpsuit from the gods. The “worsted” technique used to make this piece created the perfect worry-free, bunch-free jumpsuit.

Electric Moda is having a big sale right now, so head this way and find out what all the hype is about!

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Our Favorite Little Romper!

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It’s official, I’m romper obsessed. There. I admitted it. I love all things romp- and -er, and my newest obsession is a piece I just got in from a new online clothing store called Electric Moda.


·This is their Verve Romper, and it’s a checker-board full of romper-y goodness. I love the deep plunging V-neck on this one. It just screams summer picnic time, or even–date night.


·The loose structure of the romper is sure to flatter any body, and the tie waist gives you curves you never knew you had.


·The best thing about this woven piece is you can style the tie in many different ways! Tie it on the side, in the front, or dare I say it… tie it as a neck scarf that matches perfectly!

Electric Moda’s clothing are all anti-static and eco-friendly. They’re having a big sale right now, so head over this way, and get your Verve on with me today!

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Our Favorite Crop Top

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It can be difficult to find the right crop top for your body. Sometimes they’re too cropped, and sometimes, not cropped enough. But while shopping online at Electric Moda, we finally found our perfect crop top.


·This is their Static Crop Top, and it is the best crop top for day and night!


·I absolutely love the cut-out button-up back in this woven piece.


·The best thing about Electric Moda’s pieces is that they are all anti-static and eco-friendly!

Electric Moda is having a big sale right now, so head this way to see all the crop tops!

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